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About HTC – Mobile Company in India

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About HTC

Founded in the year 1997, HTC Corporation, which is commonly referred to and known as just HTC, is a Taiwanese multinational company, focused on making smartphones as well as tablets, and has its headquarters at New Taipei City, in Taiwan. HTC is not just an equipment manufacturer for smartphones but also a design manufacturer for the same.

While HTC’s first set of smartphones were all powered with Windows, currently, HTC handsets are decked with Android OS, ever since it became a part of the Open Handset Alliance, of which it is also the co-founding member. Of these HTC handsets, it was the HTC Dream that was the first of the lot to run on Android, and was marketed by T-Mobile in many countries worldwide.

It was later that instead of outsourcing, HTC commenced marketing its own handsets, include the popular HTC One series. In the report of 2015, HTC announced its net losses, which was a result of decline in sales worldwide, with cut-throat competition with other contemporary mobile-maker giants in the market like Samsung as well as Apple.

Recently in September 2016, Viveport was launched by HTC, which is a Virtual Reality app store, centered on non-game virtual reality experiences.


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