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About Dwarkapitha

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About Dwarkapitha Temple

Located in the coastal city of Dwarka in the Indian state of Gujarat, Dwarka Pitha, also popularly known as the Dwarka Matha, is an ancient and famous monastery built in the early era, in the 8th century CE.

The structure has four cardinal seats of learning, all of which were founded in the 8th century itself by Adi Shankara—a popular Indian theologian and philosopher who went on to consolidate Advaita Veda in Hinduism and also unified a variety of other currents in the religion and its beliefs.

These four seats of learning are traditionally known as mathas, and following the traditions led by Adi Shankara, these represent the Sama Veda in Hinduism.

The most popular tourist attraction spot in this place is the Dwarkadheesh Temple, also known as the Jagat Mandir—devoted to prominent Hindu deity, Lord Krishna, who is popularly known by the name of Dwarkadheesh in this area and worshipped wholeheartedly by lakhs of devotees who stay here or visit the pilgrim place every year.

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