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About Dogri Language

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Dogri Language

One of the popular Indo-Aryan languages, Dogri has around 5 million native speakers in the world, mainly spanning the countries of India, as well as Pakistan.

It is fundamentally spoken in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and also in parts of northern Punjab.

The people who speak this language are known as Dogras, and the regions, which speak Dogri are referred to as Duggar.

Dogri language belongs to the family of Western Pahari languages; and has quite often said to be the dialect of Kashmiri language. Before the year 1971, Dogri language was treated as a variant o Punjabi language, however, that changed later as now it is fully recognized as an independent language.

Primarily during its initial days, Dogri was written in Takri script, which is extremely related to Kashmiri language’s Sharada script as well as the popular Gurmukhi script, often used to write Punjabi. As on today, it is the Devanagiri script that is more commonly used to write Dogri language.

Additionally, Dogri also happens to be a more tonal language when compared to other languages belonging to the family of Indo-European languages. Compared to others, it is the native Punjabi speakers who find it easier to adapt to the transitions and lexical aspects of Dogri.

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