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9 Must-Have Travel Apps to Rack Up Savings

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Travellers from all over the world are now heavily dependent on their smartphones to search, plan, and make reservations for their trips. As a result, travel apps have received a great deal of attention as a source of travel assistance and are even deemed the ‘modern-day travel agent’.

From creating travel plans to stepping on the welcome mat back home, having the right apps can ensure one to have a more convenient and end-to-end travel experience. Here are the 9 best travel apps everyone should have:



This award-winning, metasearch travel app provides a clean interface of hotels, car rentals and flights from over 1,200 sources, giving the best options available for users.

In addition, Skyscanner allows its users to explore Top Deals from their nearest airport and a curated list of low-cost destinations.


GasBuddy is an easy-to-use app that allows travellers to find and compare gas prices. Users will be provided with an estimated gas price for a trip based on their starting and ending locations, as well as a built-in calculator.

Other benefits users can enjoy are locating gas stations by the type of fuel, locating stations with convenience stores, restrooms, or restaurants, and locating stations providing air for tires.


Waze is a navigation tool for travellers to get around an unfamiliar city with zero hassle. The app is well-equipped to safely facilitate a vast range of route updates, tolls costs, accident reports, and other hazards.

The recent updates also have added support for Google Assistant on Androids and Siri on iOS. These allow users to choose their preferred audio voices in creating an ideal environment for a comfortable drive.


TripAdvisor is a know-it-all app when it comes to travelling. Users can quickly scroll through a sea of reviews, opinions, and media on almost any topic.

However, the best feature that earns its fame is the number of countries and cities it supports, making it a must-have app for every local or international traveller.


Booking travel through Expedia is highly cost-effective. With numerous partnering hotels worldwide and a comprehensive offering of flight inventory, travellers have almost everything they need in the palm of their hands.

Expedia guarantees exclusive deals if you book through Expedia’s app on your smartphone, as well as additional benefits for members of Expedia’s rewards program.

The most well-known perk of Expedia is the “Book Now, Pay Later” option. This allows travellers to make monthly payments towards their hotel deals, a perfect reason to not let the looming accommodation cost deter a traveller’s plan.


Airbnb provides a one-of-a-kind, glitzy way to spice up one’s vacation. One of the best aspects of this app is its versatility, with offerings ranging from cottages, and apartments for rent in atlanta ga, and penthouses to treehouses.

Airbnb allows its users to search listings, make reservations and share experiences with others which is an A+ for a travel app. Setting up key parameters such as the duration of the stay and the number of guests is also one of the merits of the app.

Trail Wallet

Say no more to receipts in bags or pockets! And yes, to one of the best travel-centric expense tracking apps to ever exist. Featuring Trail Wallet, an app that offers a comprehensive way to help travellers organize their expenses by trip or month.

The app allows its users to have a long view of their spending throughout of the journey. Users can also snap photos of corresponding receipts and export all the data in the app for future analysis.


If there is one thing that brings people together, it is food. OpenRice is an app that locates the latest and hottest food spots in town, showcasing its ratings, menus, booking numbers and everything in between.

Users are also given the privilege to browse through different regions’ restaurant information, food articles, and restaurant news with just a snap of a finger.

The app is available to download for all mobile phones across Southeast Asia, namely Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.


PackPoint is the optimal solution for packing-averse travellers as it generates a checklist of travel necessities based on the needs of one’s trip.

The app will inform what to pack according to the duration, weather and if there are any activities planned out throughout the day. It is finally time to bid farewell to the traditional ways and say hello to the only packing app on the market.


There are numerous apps available to assist with everything, from last-minute flight changes and hotel bookings to restaurant and gas directories- all of which are perfectly wedged into a smartphone.

Adding to that, travelling companies are now rapidly accommodating to both Android phones and iPhones, making them accessible to millions of people across the globe to travel with ease. So, enjoy your travelling moment with these apps!

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