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5 really cool fashion DIY projects that can turn you into a style diva

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The world of DIY is exploding with ideas and trends with experiments that transform everything into something better and beautiful. The realm of fashion is no different. Being creative and innovative in the fashion sector is extremely important in order to achieve something that is out of the box, yet classy.

Here we bring you 5 really cool DIY projects in a fashion that can add another charm to your personality and style—

Fashion Tips

Studded Denims

Denims are the style of all seasons, and studded work on them just makes the whole trend a lot funkier. With some creative skills and the knack of wearing it with a tinge of spunk, to create your very own studded denims and flaunt the look with style!

Waistcoat from tank top

Yes, the idea seems to be of extreme contrast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go from donning a funky tank top look to a sophisticated, formal waistcoat over a top or dress. All you need is a little creativity and patience, of course. Follow this simple tutorial to transform your casual tank top into a classy waistcoat.

Colorful beaded necklace

Be it a summer dress, or a jumpsuit—a beaded necklace always compliments the look. With this super easy guide , you can create your very own beaded necklace and flaunt it with almost any look, daytime or night time!

Stylish sunglasses

The main motive behind a DIY project is to make something extraordinary from ordinary. Well, with this simple step-to-step guide , you can transform your conventional, old sunglasses into something chic and fancy!

Graphic summer hat

Hats are a girl’s best friend in summer, and even during their bad hair days!

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