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5 fashion hacks to make your lips fuller and bigger

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Ever since Kylie Jenner had a makeover with her thin lips transitioning into a perfect and plump pout overnight, the internet went gaga with people talking about it all over the place!

While it is no surprise the young Jenner chic from the Kardashian clan had used the necessary fillers to achieve the fuller lips that she proudly pouts in almost all her Instagram selfies, there’s good news that not everyone needs to go through some harsh filler or cosmetic fiascos to achieve the look!

You heard it right! Here are some cool fashion hacks to help you achieve fuller and bigger lips naturally—

Tips for Lips

  1. Get rid of the flakes

Scaly lips with flakes do not just appear dull, but they also take away the natural color from your pout. Hence, it is essential that you get rid of the flakes using a toothbrush in order to restore the non-scaly, perfect pout with natural color.

  1. Contour your lower lips

As someone wisely stated, contouring is the true art of maker. With the right method of contouring with a bronzer and powder under your lower lip, you can actually manage to bring more volume to the lower pout and make it look fuller.

  1. Nude lip liners are the next best thing

Just like bordering is crucial when it comes to painting on a canvas, having your lips well lined with a nude base is a great way of making the end result look more convincing.

  1. Color outside your lip lines

This is a trick that’s not too easy but if done right, it is super amazing! Instead of just lining your inner lips, go for a colored lining up on your outer lips to achieve a plumper version of your own pout.

  1. Go for glosses

Na-uh, lip glosses aren’t just limited to your teen days; they can be great wonders even now as well! It has been proven pretty well that shiny, shimmery lips help attain a more plump look than plain colors.

So next time you think of ditching all the glosses, maybe you should give it a second thought!

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