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World Theatre Day – March – 27

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About World Theatre Day

The World Theatre Day every year is observed on 27th March. The purpose behind celebrating this day is to glorify and generate awareness about theatre arts, basically to understand every intricate detail about the theatre of how it is played, and what is its role in the entertainment field. It also reminds individuals that theatre brings life back.

Theatre has always been a mere combination of various fine art forms that ropes in live performers to present their activities to a live audience by expressing their real-life experience at a place or stage.


It was in1961 when the International Theatre Institute (ITI) initiated the concept of celebrating World Theatre Day across the globe to attach more value to the theatre.

On this very day, ITI hosts an annual message which is generally spoken by some prominent theatre artist to give their views about theatre as an art.

In its first year of commencement, the first message was read out by Jean Cocteau in 1962. This powerful message was translated into 50+ languages and printed in every newspaper of the country. The news was broadcasted to every corner of the world.

Currently, ITI has approximately 85 centres, and it is also involved in encouraging several schools, theatre groups, colleges and professionals to take this day very seriously.


On the World Theatre Day, there are many national and international events of theatre which are held. Each year a celebrity is invited by the ITI centres who speak about his journey and motivates all the budding artists.

Each year, there is a theme followed, and all the activities revolve around that theme. On this day, many artists share their stories to spread awareness about theatre and motivate more people to exhibit their talent.

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