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World Poetry Day – March – 21

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About World Poetry Day

Every year the World Poetry Day is celebrated on the 21st March. The primary purpose behind the celebration of this day is to recognize the ability of the entire concept of poetry to help to capture the human mind’s spirit and soul. World Poetry Day is very prominently celebrated across the globe. This was adopted during the time of UNESCO’s 30th session, which took place in Paris in 1999.


The primary objective was to give a tremendous amount of support to linguistic diversity through the various poetic expressions which offer an opportunity to all the endangered languages to be given a chance to be heard in society.

Also, on this day, the renowned poets are honoured, and with the help of the old traditions are revived, poetry is recited and the entire concept of reading, writing and the teachings of poetry.

On this day each country is prominently invited to celebrate it in their style and way. Each state in its manner goes very active with the participation of NGOs (National Commissions, Non-Governmental Organizations and the various private and public institutions are concerned.

UNESCO is even seen giving proper courage and support to all of its initiatives, to:

  • Include poetry as a part of arts education in school and make it mandatory in the curriculum.
  • It has become essential to raise awareness in schools so that the Importance of Poetry is understood and is celebrated with utmost discipline and joy amongst all the schools and colleges.
  • Encourage to give awards to the renowned poets for this extraordinary work in the field of art.
  • Mobilize the many authorities such as the municipal authorities so that they very actively take part, prepare and celebrate World Poetry Day.
  • Promote the prizes in each of the member states.

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