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Top 10 Best Franchise Opportunities in India

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The franchise is becoming an important tool for a successful business model. Here the retail store owner needs to acquire rights from the brand owner with certain terms and conditions.

By paying this fee to the official company, the retail owner will be legally allowed to run business by using the brand name and the business logo. One should have around  Rs. 10 lakh before joining any franchise.

The retailer will also get proper training and necessary pieces of equipment. The store will be operated in a particular space with the desired floor area. It entirely depends on the requirements of the business.

A courier counter will need a small room. But an ice-cream parlour will require a huge amount of space. Also, there should be enough sales from the retail shop.  Then only, the brand owner will be benefitted.

There are many advantages to why choosing franchise over other business models:

  • Since the brand is already performing well in the market, the least risk is involved as there in startup options.
  • The profit margin, if not high, will not be too low as it is getting recognition from consumers.
  • The investment criteria are much less and guarantee a fruitful option to go for.
  • There is uniformity in the delivery of raw material. No middleman is involved.

Before investing in a franchise, the following points should be kept in mind:

  • A calculated initial amount of money should be made ready before taking up a franchise. Some cost is even refundable.
  • Unlike big brands, it is not a healthy option to choose brands that are not performing so well. In this case, the annual turnover may not be satisfactory.
  • One should make a strategic plan before entering into this commercial field. Though a degree in business management is not required, some basic concepts should be understood. This will help in the future growth of business effectively.

With the ongoing business, the royalty payment is the profit of the company owner. The franchisee will pay a monthly or yearly fee to the brand owner.

It is calculated on the gross sale of a franchise. The profit percentage is shared by the company. Hence the owner cannot add or promote any other brand.

There is a good amount of influence of the company on the owner. The price of a commodity is fixed as the company decides. And the retailer also has to sell at this price to the consumer.

Some of the well-known franchises that are performing well in the world market and can be a good option for investment are discussed below:-

Best Franchise Opportunities in India

Archies Franchise Business350

It sells greeting cards and small gifts which they manufacture. Having its headquarters at New Delhi, Archies has got a business expansion worldwide.

Domino’s Pizza Franchise

It has achieved the platform to be the largest chain giving superior quality pizza delivery services. Their main centre is situated in Ann Arbor in Michigan.

Khadim’s Franchise

It is a company that sells indigenous footwear. The best part is that the major chunk of their products is consumed in the middle class of the society which has the bulk population. They have outlets throughout India.

Kidzee School Franchise

Kidzee made their existence in the market of playschools. Recently it was awarded a leading pre-schooling brand in the year 2018.

The incorporation of the culture of American pre-school in India is the main ideology. They run around 2000 schools in India and Nepal.

DTDC Courier

It is a good option for a safe investment. Having headquarters in Bangalore, DTDC is a leading brand in the Indian courier service. A small room of 10*10 dimensions is enough to carry out the courier delivery service. The rooms will mainly serve as the storage stations of the material to be delivered.

Lenskart Retail Store

Lenskart has grown to be a renowned company selling stylish eyewear. Though the competition was huge, it was able to win the market due to such a high variety of stocks, both online and offline. Founded by an ex Microsoft employee, it has headquarters at New Delhi.

Subway Franchise Store

Based on American ownership, this company sells salads and sandwiches across the world. It has attained a peak in the competition of the cheapest but best quality fast food. It was founded in the U.S. at Connecticut and Bridgeport.

Dr. Batra’s Clinic

They have taken a great step in the health industry by providing homeopathic treatment on skin diseases. They have notable clinical stores in India as well as in Dubai and the UK.

Lakme Business

Under the ownership of Hindustan Unilever, it is the leading cosmetic brand in the country. It was initiated by JRD Tata as proposed by our Prime Minister Nehru. Today they incorporate Bollywood celebrities as their brand ambassador.

Baskin Robbins

It is a leading ice-cream brand. They have their official stores across the country and also provide online delivery options. It is was founded in America under a different brand name. Dunkin’ Brands is its main company founded in California.


Those who are willing to start a business and earn a significant amount of profit within a short time, owning a franchise is the best option. It is the safest medium available for investment.

Moreover, the small retailer is getting enough publicity for a product placement under the roof of the company. Many people are now thinking of giving up their daily hectic jobs and prefer to be a franchisee.

This increases the profit of the company also. Apart from advertising through television and newspapers, the franchise will give the brand reach common people through the retailer. Instead of just looking at the products, the consumers will now look for buying the products from the nearby shop.

This is a perfect example of business management. An idea that can benefit the producer as well as the consumer in every possible manner is the ultimate advantage of the franchise.

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