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World Music Day (21st June)

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About World Music Day

21st of June is now being observed as World Music Day to celebrate the beautiful and magical gift that music is to mankind. The origin of the World Music Day hails from France, in the year 1976 when to celebrate the summer solstice, popular American musician Joel Cohen had proposed an all-night musical celebration in full swing.

And since then, World Music Day became a day of celebration in over 32 countries to simply acknowledge the beauty of this gift called music and melody and people embrace it without any qualms, regardless of seasons and reasons. And as of today, it is celebrated in over 120 countries all across the world.

The day is all about free music, without any barriers or prejudices, where every musician or artist is encouraged to play the tunes, the melody without any bars, in order to express their thoughts, their feelings, their musing, and people around blend with it as they enjoy the melodies and join the celebrations.

From classical and folk music to jazz, rock, pop—the music of all genres is celebrated wholeheartedly by the people who love music, either by creating it or simply by listening to it in their day to day lives.

In France, the World Music Day is known as Fete de la Musique, while in other countries, it is also known by the names of simply Music Day or Make Music Day.

Many free concerts are organized on this day for music lovers as well as for those amateur artists who want a platform to show their talent and sing to a live audience.

Many professional singers too come forward and ace their musical skills by performing some of the most popular tracks, while in many cities, events such as competitions are organized in the form of talent hunts to seek those exceptional individuals who are blessed with the gift of music as an art.


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