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World Kindness Day (13th of November)

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About World Kindness Day

Every year on the 13th of November, World Kindness Day is observed. It first came into existence in the year 1998 as an initiative taken by the World Kindness Movement, which is a coalition of the kindness of the nation’s non-governmental organizations.

The popularity of World Kindness Day has only grown exponentially ever since its idea was conceived.

As of today, a list of countries has begun to observe this day, including India, among other countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Italy, as well as Singapore.

The prime purpose of the World Kindness Day is to highlight all the good deeds done by people in any given community, like kindness and simply being good are things that bind us all together in one single yet strong sacred thread, wherever we are, however, we are.

Human life has always been clouded by so many negative factors, such as disparities over religion, caste, creed, gender, and so much more.

It is the kindness that is a positive essence, helping humanity outshine any other disparity that exists, and bridge the gap that individuals may feel or see between one another due to any reason in particular.

At present, a lot of approaches are being made to the United Nations by the World Kindness Movement to have the World Kindness Day recognized as an official day of observance to celebrate and promote acts of kindness every year on the 13th of November.

Acts of kindness don’t necessarily need to be something big but can be something small too. Anything that one can do without any selfish motive involved that can help bring a smile on another person’s face is an act of kindness.

World Kindness Day promotes the same and encourages more and more people to let their kindness become the best language.

Kindness cards too are circulated on this day to help imbibe in the minds of one and all that kindness as a quality and gesture is so important, not just to one another as humans, but to the animals as well.

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