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What is Jalandhara Bandha All About?

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About Jalandhara Bandha

One of the most energetic locks used in a practice of Hatha Yoga, Jalandhara bandha is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘jal’ meaning throat and ‘dharan’ meaning stream, ‘bandha’ meaning lock.

The asanas are performed by extending your neck while lifting your heart up, and thereafter dropping the chin to the chest, while the tongue pressed against the roof of the mouth.

Jalandhara Bandha is believed to tone the neck muscles and have a vibrant effect on the subtle body. It is also known to control the energy stream through the neck’s energy channels and nerves.

The asana is basically performed as one part of pranayama and is thought to stimulate and compress the sinuses besides aiding in balancing the respiratory and the circulatory systems.

Here’s how You Can Perform the Jalandhara Bandha?

  • • Take up the pose of Siddhasana or Padmasana, while keeping the spinal cord straight.
  • Gently keep the palms on the knees and ensure that the knees are touching the ground firmly.
  • Shut your eyes and let the body relax. Inhale normally.
  • Now inhale deep and slow, while trying to hold the breath.
  • Try contracting the muscles of the throat and bend your head forward, in a way so as to touch your chin to the chest. You can go ahead and adjust the neck in between the collarbones.
  • Keep your arms straightened and press the knees down with the hand t resemble a lock posture. Keep the shoulders slightly hunched to ensure the arms remain locked.
  • Maintain the position for as long as you want. Always remember you have held your breath, so don not stress overdo so as to land into problems. If you are an amateur, try holding the breath for few seconds, and you can increase the time once you have fetched experience in it.
  • Raise your head and exhale to release the locked arms.
  • Repeat the asana for as many times as you are comfortable with it.

Why is Jalandhara Bandha Essential?

  • The Yoga presses the two glands against each other- the para and thyroid, which in turn regulates the metabolism of the body.
  • The throat region is the residing place for Vishuddhi Chakra. It is Jalandhara bandha which are known to activate the chakra, and gift you with immortality; which is related to death but the yogi can actually control his physical movements, for supposing control the anti-aging process.
  • The yoga is also known to restrict the Prana Shakti from reaching upwards.

When practiced with moola bandha, it can create of prana lock and Apana in the body. The two mix of energies relives the Manipuraka Chakra or the navel center.

Practice Jalandhara Bandhan to have all the powers and control of your body.

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