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SESteel: Southeastern Steel Detailing, Inc.

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SESteel Overview

SESteel has been in Business since 1976 as a complete service structural steel Detailing Company having Combined 200 years’ experience. It was founded By Cliff 37 years ago and is located in Krugersdorp, west Johannesburg. Industrial, architectural, commercial, and miscellaneous detailing services are provided through detailers and checkers by Southeastern Steel Detailing, Inc.

SESteel is an associate member of AISC (American Institute of steel construction, Inc.) and also a member at large of NISD (The National Institute of Steel Detailing). After the hit of COVID-19 in the USA, SESteel industry has been Growing Faster In these few years. The Growth rate of SESteel in the country’s steel sector is 83.2%.

In the USA there is a significant rise in the production of Steel. On 27 November 2021 USA steel sector has produced 1,837,000 net tons. So SESteel has become the most eminent company and demands for SESteel products are increasing in the USA.

Now you can also Search complete Details about SESteel through the following internet links;

  • NISD The National Institute of Steel Detailing
  • AISC American institute of steel construction, Inc.
  • Steel Erectors Association of America
  • OSHA the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

SESTeel Technology:

In the United States, Accurate and High-quality Drawings for Structural Steel Fabricators are provided by Southeastern Steel Detailing, Inc.

As compared to Conventional detailing practices, Using Tekla Structures allows us to create 3D models with precision and accuracy and that is unparalleled. Tekla Structures are being used for over 10 years.

Leading-edge technologies and expertise with KSS, CIS/2, and CNS and, other data formats enable SESteel to deliver projects on Schedule and Full Customer Satisfaction.

Services of SESteels:

If you want to explore all services of this Company then the Core services of SESteel can boggle up your mind. But positive of an organization is that under one roof you can avail all-steel services of this Company.

Pre-Construction Services:

Various Types of pre-construction services are provided By SESteel. Tekla sales model is the best service provided to clients and many other Core services provided which are;

  • Prepared Sales meeting presentations properly for the clients.
  • Make the accurate Cost Analysis and ensure Job Site coordination for meetings.
  • SESsteel is making the right erection sequencing.
  • Proper and detailed Schedule estimates are prepared.
  • Advance Preliminary bills for materials prepared and ensure smooth take-offs.

Modeling and Steel-Detailing With Tekla Structures:

SESteels provides the State of art technology Comprises three servers and a 1GB network. Southeastern steel detailing INC has 12 Tekla workstations that enable high-speed DSL internet connections.

Structures and models are checked with the help of 3D internet. Sometimes, to ensure the quality of products they follow the old process.

The Capability to download detailed data is available to automated bean lines as control animation. E.g. production controlled data is created and KSS files, NCI files, CIS/2 files, and many other types including fabric reports.

Detailed report Preparations:

Steal Shops of Southeast and Steel warehouse can turn things easier for you. A detailed report for the project of a client is offered thus making their life easier. The main Categories provided to the clients are:

  • A Bolt summary of your shop should be prepared.
  • SESteel provides better takeoffs for the bills.
  • Field Bolt summary is also created.
  • Better Planning is also prepared.
  • Proper sequencing of reports is made.
  • Preparing Share stud list.

This report helps the Manufacturers to make their trade possible in all fields. The best possible manner which helps to achieve your goals is to work out the plans.

Industries Served:

Different types of services are offered by Custom tailor steel detailing. Architectural, industrial, commercial and miscellaneous steel details. High-Quality precision and custom-tailored projects are maintained.

To ensure High returns of your investment in this sector high-quality precision and state-of-the-art Technology should be maintained. Moreover, the market demand for the services and products is increased by cutting-edge technology.

SESteels Projects Models:

Tekla SESteels projects models are given;

  • Hospital
  • Church
  • Military fitness upgrade facility
  • Power Plant
  • Pipe Racks
  • Plant utility Bridges
  • Power plant
  • Shopping Malls
  • Aircraft Hanger etc.

Recent Projects of SESteel:

  • Jaguar Experience (Sacola Construction)
  • Louwlardia ( Archstone Construction)
  • Camp Jao (Ngamiland Adventure Safaris Ltd) Tubular Category Commendation Award 2019 winner.
  • Nitrophos Plant (Omnia Fertilizer) winner of industrial category Steel awards 2019.

SESteel providing Career Jobs:

SESteel always looking for qualified employees. Applicants must have the following skills;

  • advance math including algebra
  • basic drafting
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Or one year of experience in any drawing field.
  • Self-Motivated applicants are preferred who can work individually as well as in a team.


Hence, to achieve your goals properly you can follow these factors. Workout for the plans that can help you to get back your investments. Applying here to get a job in SESteel the best method is to contact with Company’s HR and it makes things possible for you. You can achieve your goals in the best manner which can help you in making things like plans.

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