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Rameswaram – A Popular Hindu Pilgrim

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About Rameswaram

Located in the Ramanathapuram district in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Rameswaram is a popular Hindu pilgrim site that also happens to be one among the charm dhams of India, together with the popular temple town of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Geographically, Rameswaram lies in the Gulf of Mannar right at the tip of the Indian peninsula.

In religious aspects, Rameswaram is an integral part of pilgrims in both the parties – namely, the followers of Lord Shiva and the followers of Lord Vishnu. According to Hindu mythology, as well as the great Indian epic Ramayana, it was Rameswaram where Lord Rama along with his army of monkeys had built a bridge to the sea of Sri Lanka in order to reach the country and defeat Raavan, who had kidnapped his wife Goddess Sita.

The place has a popular temple called the Ramanathaswamy Temple, devoted to the most popular Hindu deity, Lord Shiva, and is also linked with Lord Rama. Coming to other holy aspects of the place, there are around 64 holy water bodies in the place where devotees take a holy dip to wash away their sins.

The other structures include the Gandhamathana Parvatham—a hillock with Lord Rama’s footprints, and then the Dhanushkodi, which happens to be the ultimate tip of the entire island and houses the famous Kothandaramaswamy Temple, devoted to Lord Rama.

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