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About Marathi Language

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Marathi Language

A popular Indo-Aryan language, Marathi is primarily spoken in the Indian state of Maharashtra, where it is the official language and also in the state of Goa, where it happens to be the co-official language.

It happens to be one among the 23 official languages of the country of India and right after Hindi, Bengali, and Telugu, it is the fourth ranked language in the country on the basis of native speakers. According to the census of 2007, Marathi has around 73 million native speakers in India.

Coming to the dialects of Marathi language, it has the Standard Marathi dialect, and then the Varhadi dialect. On the other hand, even Malvani Konkani, primarily spoken in the state of Goa is highly influenced by the varieties of Marathi language.

Every year the date of February 27th is observed and celebrated as Marathi Day, as it also happens to be the birth anniversary of popular Marathi poet Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar.

Historically, like other languages, Marathi to has found its roots from Sanskrit, and later went on to have further additions from core Maharashtra Prakrit. The phonetic ranges of Marathi follow the same as other Indo-Aryan languages in India.

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