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Ladakh Festival (18th of September to 24th of September)

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About Ladakh Festival

The Ladakh festival is a one-week long festival celebrated every year. This year it will start from the 18th of September, Monday, and will go on till the 24th of September, Sunday. The festival is mainly observed in Leh in Ladakh, and its surrounding villages. The festival kick starts on a grand note as a procession takes place on a large scale in Leh, consisting of a huge variety of cultural troupes hailing from different parts of that region. The procession reaches its zenith of grandeur and enthusiasm as it passes through the Leh Market, which happens to be a busy zone, and thus garners maximum crowd, which also merrily joins the celebrations.

All the people participating in this procession are decked up in extremely colourful attires, representing the vibrant essence of the festive season. These attires are Ladakhi dresses, showcasing the traditional nature of the beautiful place that we all know it is. There’s a lot of traditional, music, dancing, singing, and the people enjoy every bit of these moments with complete zeal and joy.

The procession finally comes to an end at the Polo ground. The rest of the festival is all about everyone being in a celebratory mood, with decorations, cultural activities taking place throughout the one week. Some of these activities include archery, polo, as well as masked dancers hailing from monasteries, and a lot of dancing by some of the best cultural troupes, who come from different villages surrounding Leh in Ladakh. In fact, a list of music concerts too is organized during the stretch of this one-week long festival.

Ladakh is by default known for its surreal beauty and as on today, is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Thus, during the Ladakh Festival too, a lot of tourists from India and abroad visit the place to be a part of the joyous celebrations and make beautiful memories.

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