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Kranti Diwas [Quit India Movement Day] (9th of August)

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Also known as the Quit India Movement Day, Kranti Diwas is observed in India every year on the 9th of August. It is a day to remember the Quit India Movement, which was initiated by the Congress as well as Mahatma Gandhi—also known as the father of the nation.

In literary terms, the word ‘’Kranti’’ means something revolutionary, and the term ‘’Diwas’’ means day, and hence this day literally means a revolutionary day, which it indeed was, as Gandhi and the Congress began the Quit India Movement decades back in the year 1942 to help India get free from the British rule.

The highlights of the Kranti Diwas every year thus, include national leaders from all across the country paying tribute to all the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for their country.

They lay floral wreaths on their memorials on this day. National leaders also deliver speeches highlighting the importance and significance of this day to the common public.

The freedom fighters in different states of India, who are still alive are honored by the state governments and various authorities for their immense contribution to the independence of India.

A variety of skits and competitions are organized in most of the schools and colleges to depict through them the struggle that our freedom fighters had to go through in order to help India gain independence from the British Raj. Many students also dress up as certain freedom fighters, and make speeches just like them, representing to the audience how their personalities would have been along with their points of view.

Many documentaries and films too are shown, containing real footage from the times of pre-independence, when the Quit India Movement actually happened.

State governments also promote a list of social activities for this day, such as blood donation camps, planting trees to help bring a positive change in the environment, etc.

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