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Important Documents for International Travel: You Can’t Miss


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Strolling on the streets of New York City or enjoying on the beaches of Bali, everyone wants to enjoy such international trips occasionally. However, before you start your planning and packing, you need to know about the essential documents that you will need for your trip.

These documents include passport, visa,  flight tickets, accommodations, travel itinerary and international travel insurance. Let us know about all these documents in detail.

 Required Documents for International Travel

Before planning an international trip, it is necessary to make sure that you have the necessary paperwork done, which includes the documents required for travel insurance. Let us look at what documents you must have to travel internationally.


Your passport is the most important document if you wish to travel internationally. The document is verified at various checkpoints throughout your journey; thus, having a valid passport is crucial. Make sure that your passport has a validity of at least 6 months and has enough pages in case you need to extend the trip.

 Valid Visa

Another crucial travel document is a visa, a permission slip from a foreign nation’s authorities to enter their country. If you are travelling to a visa-mandated destination, you must have a valid visa. Applying for a visa well in advance is essential to ensure a smooth travel experience. So, plan and get your visa well in advance before you set off on your international adventure.

 Identification Documents

While you are travelling internationally, you must have appropriate identification documents to prove your citizenship and identity. These identity documents can include your voter ID card, Aadhar card or driving licence. Make sure to carry any or all of these identity documents with you during your international trip, as you can be asked to present them at any time while you are in a foreign nation.

 Tickets and Proof of Accommodation

Another crucial document to add to your international travel checklist is your confirmed flight tickets and accommodation documents. Immigration officers will ask you to present your confirmed round-ticket details and proof of confirmed accommodation for your stay. Thus, make sure that you have them both ready.

 Travel Itinerary Details

Travelling to an international destination requires extensive planning and preparation. You must make several arrangements and bookings in advance. Having all these details confirmed and in one place will help you easily navigate your travel plans. Moreover, your travel itinerary details are also important for verification purposes at various checkpoints.

 International Travel Insurance

While international trips are filled with adventures and creating memories, precaution is also necessary. Having the best international travel insurance for your protection will safeguard you against unforeseen issues, such as medical emergencies, lost passports, missed flights or baggage loss. All the financial distress caused by such incidents is covered under a travel insurance plan.

Additionally, travel insurance is a mandatory document to travel to certain countries, like the Schengen countries.


Travelling to a foreign nation has become easier than ever; however, you need to plan and prepare appropriately. By now, we have seen what documents are needed to fulfil international travel requirements.

So, apply for the necessary documents required for travel insurance like visa, flight tickets, accommodation and international travel insurance in advance so that you can enjoy your trip without any hassle.

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