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How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Your Business in 5 Easy Steps

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In recent years, the Internet telephony popularity is rapidly increasing. What is this innovative service that can be quickly ordered at Let’s understand!

Features of virtual telephony

Internet telephony is a service that is becoming popular among private users and corporate clients. The virtual phone number requires only a gadget for receiving SMS/calls and an Internet connection. Using the provider’s offers, entrepreneurs and private clients can get disposable and permanent numbers in more than 90 countries worldwide, including exotic regions.

Virtual telephony will be an effective tool in the following situations:

  • Lack of a fixed corporate phone;
  • The need to communicate with clients in and out of the office;
  • Enterprise mobility;
  • Building a corporate telephone network from scratch.

Private users, as a rule, use virtual phone numbers to register accounts on social networks, payment services, etc. In this case, they do not have to use a personal number, as they can receive the service and fully maintain their privacy on the Internet.

Benefits of a virtual number

  1. Privacy Guaranteed. Your personal data and company data are protected from hacker attacks. You can safely register on various services, receive calls from customers and partners, etc.
  2. Quality connection. Thanks to a stable connection and high sound quality, you will receive the necessary information on time and not ask the interlocutor for details.
  3. Wide range of rooms. The provider’s assortment includes both local numbers and options from other countries. In most cases, the connection is made throughout the day.
  4. Affordable cost. Internet telephony tariffs are determined individually depending on the wishes of each user.
  5. Qualified support. Experienced consultants will help you understand the intricacies of connection and promptly answer all your questions.

How to get a virtual phone number

It is easy to implement Internet telephony in daily company activities. You need to do the following:

  • Complete the registration procedure on the provider’s website; create a personal account.
  • Select the appropriate country and region, operator, and phone number.
  • Connect the IP phone number; its activation takes several hours;
  • Try using the number to complete work or personal tasks.

If you are having difficulty at any stage, please contact the support service. Specialists will help you create an account on the site, choose the best countries and numbers, and check the activity of the virtual number.

You can also contact consultants when choosing a corporate tariff. It depends on the number of rooms and their possibilities. For example, there are customized solutions for startups and small, medium, or large businesses. These include disposable and multi-line numbers, SMS numbers, fax numbers, and our cloud-based automated telephone exchanges.

The provider’s representatives implement the solution for any business project. Thousands of clients from different countries worldwide have already made sure of this in their own experience.


A virtual phone number is a convenient, simple, and popular tool for businesses and private clients. Each client can receive it in the shortest possible time. If you have any questions, please contact the support team.

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