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Five Ways To Stay Active And Healthy In COVID – 19 Pandemic

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Ever since the COVID 19 emerged as a pandemic the whole world went for a toss. We were forced to stop wherever we were.

The cycle seems to continue in 2021 too as the second wave of COVID – 19 has already hit the nation with a strong roar affecting millions of people daily. The people, businesses, development, and economy are again on the verge to be locked until this pandemic spread phases out.

In order to break the chain, we have moved digitally where things have become more difficult for us even after staying at home with minimum or no physical activity.

It becomes more difficult when you are a student and have to sit for long hours attending the classes. This has adversely affected our health by gaining weight and causing muscle stiffness.

The physical activity of our body is a much-needed way to stay healthy especially when you have to prepare for exams like SBI PO it becomes of utmost importance to stay healthy. Well, if you are the one preparing for it you must go through the tips with SBI PO previous year papers.

Tips to Stay Healthy and Active during COVID – 19 pandemics

Avoid Junks

Junks are the unhealthiest food that directly attacks the digestive system but we still love them and eat with great charm. Not only Junk food, but oily foods also are too harmful as the cholesterol level increases and may convert into bad cholesterol creating blockage and breathing issues.

Stop or at least limit eating highly processed food and dairy products that contain artificial trans fats and added sugar. Junk foods actually lack nutrients like vitamins, fiber and minerals instead they are high in calories. Therefore, avoiding junk and oily food can be a boon to your health.

Fill your jars with Nuts

Nuts play a vital role in providing an adequate amount of nutrients. They are a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants. They also help you to lose weight and balance your health. There is proven research that shows nuts have a capacity to Lower Bad Cholesterol improving the good cholesterol in the body.

They sharpen your memory and make sure that you have enough capacity to memorize and balance your mental health. So, keep your jars full of nuts to take care of your health.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is one of the ancient and easiest ways to maintain yourself in this pandemic. There are several ‘Yoga asanas’ that have to be practiced daily in order to avoid muscle stiffness.

It reduces the risk factors paving the way to flexibility and helps in strengthening your muscles. It also calms your mind and improves your mental and spiritual health system. There are different forms of asanas that help your lungs to open fully and reduce breathing issues.

Practicing yoga is the easiest way to stay healthy, especially for people who cannot opt for extensively hard exercises such as Obese. Students who keep on attending lectures and are studying for long hours sitting at one place should get up and walk, move their fingers and hands for at least 10 mins in order to avoid stiffness.

Burn your Calories

Well, Exercises such as Cardio help you to burn calories. When gyms are closed you may continue working out at your place in the morning or in the evening. Muscle training and building exercises help you to effectively stay healthy.

Burpees, Rope Jumping, Low-intensity cardio, squats can help you burn calories. These exercises keep you energetic and improve your stamina. Consumption of black tea may also help you to lower the calories, lose weight and improve your ability to work.

Household Chores

Household chores are the best choice when it comes to physical activity. Household chores keep you healthy as the doer has to put lots of effort into completing the task. The tasks such as grooming, Mopping or sweeping, and Cooking increase the level of physical activity. You will be amazed to know that these can actually reduce your calories. Cleaning windows, cars, vessels, or doing heavy stuff such as laundry can actually burn calories.

Now that you know how you can stay active and healthy in COVID – 19 you must prepare well for your exam. Exams are the turning point of life but make sure you work out daily having a handful of nuts daily, After all, Health is Wealth but make sure that you download your SBI PO admit card before appearing for the exam while staying indoors and safe.


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