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Progressive Slots | How To Win Progressive Jackpot

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In online casino games, you’ll get to play different slot machines. One of these is the progressive slots. A Progressive slot machine is where the payout increases every time a player spins and loses. It pays huge progressive jackpots to the lucky winners.

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What Are Progressive Slots?

Well, there are many different types of slot machines. However, progressive slot machines are those that take up a tiny bit of every bet you place and don’t win and add it to the jackpot. It’s called the progressive slot jackpot, because the more people play it, the more it grows. And then finally, a lucky punter comes along and wins the jackpot.

Tips for playing progressive slots

If you’re new to the progressive slots world, you will generally bet more and win more. Well, we believe it’s a flawed concept for the beginner who’s already on a tight budget. And of course, if you’re spending money, you deserve to win.

So that way, prefer to play on those progressive jackpot slot machines that have already higher jackpots. There the chance of you hitting the jackpot is usually higher.

And for those who just want to experience the thrill of winning at slots, go for standalone progressive slots. Though they pay low, they win more often.

Wagering Requirements

It is often said that if you want to win progressive jackpots, being on the miserly side won’t help. And progressive slot machines usually set some maximum bet amount to have a chance of winning. And if you don’t bet accordingly, you’ll be missing your chance.

That’s why maybe, you should have a big bankroll while playing progressive slots. But anyways, even if you’re not meeting the wagering requirements, you can still enjoy the free spins and multipliers.

Jackpot Wheel

A jackpot wheel is a type of progressive slot where different slots are fixed on the wheel with a fixed pointer at the center. It works with the wheel spinning and the pointer landing at any one of those slots. You’re then paid accordingly.

Normal progressive slot machines are comparatively simpler to play than playing the jackpot wheels. And then, winning a progressive slot jackpot at a wheel is even harder.

Collect Symbols

Other than spinning the progressive slot machine, you can win the progressive jackpot by collecting symbols as well. Collect three of these symbols and you will win.

For that purpose, you have to play the progressive slots mini-games. There you will earn objects. And behind those objects are the symbols that you need.

Symbols Match

Well, by this term we mean you can win a progressive jackpot if you match symbols on a reel on single or more pay lines. This is a quite basic approach to the progressive slot machines. And, when we’re talking about the progressive slots, it isn’t as simple as spinning the reels matching the symbols and winning.

Probability of Winning a Progressive Jackpot

If we claim that we know how to win a progressive jackpot, we must be joking. There’s no thumb rule to it. And it completely depends on your luck. However, we can surely tell you about the tips that can help you win, as we mentioned above.

But anyways, your chances of winning at progressive jackpot slot machines are 1 in 60 million. It depends on your requirement of triggering the bonus mode.

Minimum Bet

We’ve just told you in the tips section, that it’s a misconception that if you bet more or bet higher, you’ll win higher progressive jackpots. Some progressive slots even offer you their jackpots with minimum bets only.

For instance, with some progressive slot machines, you can use their no-bet bonus and win grand jackpots.

Loss Limit

No doubt, progressive slot machines are addictive and overwhelming. You might run out of your balance while trying to win progressive slot jackpots. These slots have comparatively lower RTP and you cannot earn a big profit out of them.

Therefore, the wisest decision would be to set a loss limit and stick to it. Simply stop playing when you hit that specific amount. Secondly, set two budgets, one for progressive slots and the other for the rest of the online casino games.

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