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First Drive: Blunders To Avoid During Your Driving licence Test

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In today’s day and age, knowing how to drive is an essential life skill. In addition to the obvious benefits of mobility, convenience, and independence, it is also a skill set that can be monetised.

Now, you may have invested months into learning how to drive, memorising traffic rules, and understanding the different types of challenges that you could face on the road. But for the learning to translate into a traffic licence, you must pass the driving licence test. Once you have your driving licence in hand, benefits such as online driving licence renewal are extended to you.

The thought of a driving licence test in itself can be quite daunting. But it is essential to understand that while there may be a few complex manoeuvres to pull off in a driving exam, the test is only a microcosm of what is expected from you as a driver in the real world.

So how you prepare for the test will determine what kind of driver you go on to be. In this blog, we explain the things to keep in mind before taking a driving test.

Things to keep in mind during driving licence test

  • Don’t overthink and stress

A calm mind is critical before your driving exam.

It may be an important exam, but it is also highly achievable. Before appearing for the test, ensure you are well-rested and have eaten well. Poor sleep and skipping meals can adversely affect your attention while behind the wheel. Being stressed or jittery during the test could also lead to you making completely avoidable mistakes. If you are nervous, speak to someone you trust who will help put things in perspective.

  • Follow the instructions

You may be confident about your driving skills, but this is still an exam at the end of the day. Therefore, ensure you get to the test centre well ahead of time with all the required documentation. If the exam has prescribed a dress code suitable for driving, follow it. Even if you are opting for online driving licence renewal, ensure that you follow all the specifications regarding submission of documentation etc.

  • Don’t compromise on practice

You do not want to attend a driving test without adequate practice and preparation.

Also, unlike your practice sessions that an instructor monitors, the purpose of a test is to assess your ability to drive solo. Also, the exam track could be different from your regular learning route, so ensure you do not cut corners when practising for the exam.

  • Don’t ignore the basis

You may be able to perform all the required complicated manoeuvres, but if you don’t know the basics, you are in for a tough time. Several people make the mistake of assuming that they know everything about the basics of driving. But your basic road rules [following signage] and driving best practices [performing mirror checks] are non-negotiable and will impact your result. Remember your knowledge may also be tested later, in the event that your driving licence expires and you do not have the option for online driving licence renewal.

  • Importance of seat belt and indicator

Your test begins as soon as you sit in the driver’s seat. So ensure that you follow all the rules before you begin driving also. This involves wearing a seatbelt – a habit that must be inculcated and followed as a driver and a passenger. Another rule that most drivers forget is the importance of indicators. Always use indicators as and when required.

  • Don’t get lazy with the steering wheel

You may be equipped to drive with just one hand on the steering wheel, but that is never advisable. Place both hands on the steering wheel except for when changing the gear.

Also, remember the ‘9 o’clock and 3 o’clock’ rule. As per this rule, you should place your left hand on the steering wheel to mimic the position of 9 on a clock. Then, place your right hand on the steering wheel where the 3 on the clock would be.

Experts have found this way of holding the steering wheel aids in efficient driving.

  • Don’t get too creative

The test is designed to assess you on specific parameters. Hence refrain from speeding or trying to show how creatively you can reverse or park your vehicle. You may end up making unnecessary mistakes that can hamper your test results. Also, it is crucial to keep an eye on the vehicle’s mirrors to assess the road and traffic conditions constantly.

  • Don’t ignore road rules

Traffic rules are sacrosanct. For instance, pedestrians always have the right of way. If you ignore this and try to speed past them, it will affect your test results. Similarly, you must remember not to drive too fast or too slow and always stay within speed limits. Things can get tricky at intersections. So, stay in your lane at intersections and drive only when the light is green.


A driving test is relatively easy to pass if you have practised enough and know all the road rules. The potential mistakes mentioned above can be avoided with adequate preparation and the presence of mind.

Also, remember that the same dedication towards these best practices and driving rules should extend beyond the test and after you receive your driving licence.


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