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Everything You Should Know About Kraket

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Kraket Introduction

Kraket is basically the study Association at UV for Operational Research and Econometrics in Viraj University Amsterdam. Kraket Name stands for ‘Critical Actuaries and econometricians’ and was founded on 14 July 1972 and recently contains 1000 plus members.

Many Members of Kraket association mostly belong to Econometrics Association. Many reasons lie besides this membership. You can come to ask questions, work, buy books or just come by in our room HG-8A-30.

Tuesday to Friday working and opening time is 10 am and 5 pm and on Monday between 11:30 am and 5 pm we are open. You can also check further detail by visiting the official website by this link, LinkedIn, Instagram, and on Facebook kraket Social.

Main Aim of Kraket Association:

The main aim of Kraket association is to join the Students and Business community by celebrating the annual National Econometrists Day (LED). Kraket provides their students innate into the practical application of their study. In case of days and house days, members of kraket come into touch with Business companies and introduce themselves in the labor market. Both Formal and relaxing and formal activities were organized by Kraket.

Foreign Trips:

After every two years, an abroad study trip is organized by Kraket association. A group of Student Travelled to Foreign countries Casablanca and Marrakesh in 2019 and they visited a university, also visited some companies and the Dutch embassy, and also explored the city. Other Trips of Study went to different countries like Mad arid, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Brazil, and New York.

Relaxing Activities:

Relaxing activities are also organized by Kraket like SinterKlass celebrations, the number of drinks and parties, and laser gaming. Sports are also held in Kraket, sports like pool, football, squash and skating a regular basis.

The Board also organizes a weekend trip at the end of the year which is a surprise trip and unknown to the Members. on that weekend trip, you came to know about other academic years peoples in a relaxing way and this weekend trip is called the Kraket-weekend.

Some Events and their purpose of organizing:

Relaxing activities organized by kraket,s society and their purpose of organizing is Shown:

Cocktail Workshop:

This event is organized for Master students which held on December 1st between 8 to 10 pm at Het Groene paleis place. a Homemade cocktail is enjoyed after the workshop is given. You prefer to be sober this night and do not drink alcohol then you can join by making a mocktail during this cocktail workshop. Cocktail Workshop registration will start from 17th November.


Sinterklass is the time of year again. In the form of Poetry and paper note, Sinterklaas is on his way to the Netherlands. ‘You will get sweets if you have been Sweet’. But if you have not been Nice you will get iced. Sinterklass is celebrated on 2nd December by kraket. 15th November will open for the Sinterklass event.

Alumni event:

Annual extrie and kraket alumni event held on 25th December in Dutch. Every year Kraket,s and the econometrics alumni association extrie organize an evening for alumni and kraketters. Two speakers are invited, after thesis awards, there is a possibility for drinks afterward. This event registration started on 11th November.

Careers in Economics and Operations Research:

Event organized for students by career service and alumni relations SBE. On 11th November this event occurs in which Students get introduced to a variety of career paths in econometrics and research operations. By informal Talks to Young professionals informally you can ask all your arising questions.

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