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Essential Information About Aadhar Card and The Process to Download it

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A couple of years ago, Supreme Court (SC) declared Aadhar as constitutionally valid. As per the supreme court of India, it is mandatory to link your Aadhar card with your PAN Card as you need to quote it while you are filing your income tax returns or even applying for the New Pan card to avail several subsidies and social security perks from various state and central governments, for example, LPG subsidy, etc.

After applying for the Addhar or aadhar card download, if you have your Aadhar number generated already, you can easily download it in the PDF form from the Unique Identification Authority of India’s (UIDAI) website. As per experts, UIDAI, an Aadhar card downloaded from the official site, tends to be valid identity proof. Therefore, it must be treated as par with your printed Aadhar letter.

The Aadhar card is likely to serve as both identity and residential proof. You can download your aadhar card after you have completed the enrolment process.

Then, for further use, you can print the Aadhar card. The E-Aadhar card tends to be a password-protected copy, and the UIDAI signs it. If you are an Indian resident, you need to have an Aadhar card to get some government welfare perks provided by the Indian government.

Therefore, the document is likely to act as an address proof and identity for you. Ideally, an Aadhar is expected to have a 12 digit unique identification number that Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) issues.

Once you enroll for the Aadhar card by visiting Aadhaar Centres or Banks or Post-offices, you can complete the aadhar download and print UIDAI aadhar by using your enrollment id or virtual id given by the UIDAI. Once you get the number, you can follow some steps to complete the download process.

Perks of Aadhar card

An aadhar card tends to be a unique number issued to almost all citizens in India, and it is considered both a UIN (Unique Identification Number) as well as a centralized number. The Aadhar is likely to be a biometric document that stores your data in the government’s database. It is one of the fastest bases for both citizen and welfare citizens.

When it comes to enjoying the process of Aadhar card, of course, we should know that the country we are living in – India, is a place which focuses a lot on the ‘Government Documents’. One cannot travel, stay, apply for universities, apply for even investments if they do not own their own Aadhar card.

There could be two things, you might be shocked post listening to this, or you would have heard about this information plenty of times. Regardless of whatever the situation is, owning an Aadhar card is the first thing you should sign up for if you are an adult.

Leave all your work right now, and get yourself an Aadhar card. Rather you are lucky that in the current times, it is super easy to have an Aadhar card, as all you have to do is to apply digitally (Online), unlike the previous times.

No doubt, you might be aware of the various uses of the Aadhar card, but there are some others too which you should know about.

Identity card- the Aadhar card doesn’t have any specific purpose or motto behind it. It is way different from the voter ID card, as its entire purpose is to allow you to take part in the electrical process.

The card wasn’t created with any specific uses in the mind. Instead, it can be used for several purposes, making it universally accepted as a government-issued card without any need to register or apply for a separate card for all the services applicable.

There is no need to register or apply for a unique card for all of these services. The versatile card can be used for all types of government schemes and programs.

Avail subsidies- one of the most important uses of an Aadhar card is that it allows the holder to avail of any of the contributions you are eligible for. As the government already has all the essential information on a specific person, they need to give their Aadhar card to avail themselves of the different subsidies.

So far, the government has produced several schemes where they have made it mandatory to link the Aadhar card to their bank account and, of course, the LPG connections.

You can thus receive your LPG subsidy directly in your bank account. It also shows the possibility of the funds being issued or if there are any fraudulent claims.

Easy availability- the only government-enabled document which is available anywhere and everywhere. You can apply for the Aadhar card online. It is also known as E-aadhar, and the downloadable version can be accessed anytime.

It makes it easy for people to have a copy of a valid document issued identity document accessible easily. It also reduces the chances of your original document beings stolen or misplaced as Aadhar can be downloaded on the device and displayed whenever needed.

Perks of Aadhar Card for Government Process

An Aadhar card is a vital document when it is about the KYC process or identification purpose.

Passport acquisition- the acquisition of a passport is quite challenging as it needs a lot of time. But the process becomes relatively seamless with an Aadhar card.

Opening a bank account- Aadhar card can be pretty helpful when opening a bank account. In addition, you can use an Aadhar card for bank KYC and verification purposes.

Things to know about the adhar card download process:

In the earlier times, of course, the process was a little tedious indeed, as there were too many steps involved. Especially back in the past days, there was no scope of technology at all, which meant that everything had to be done offline. Rather getting things done online was just a dream, which all of us have been living today.

You need to keep a digital copy of the document if you want to download the e-aadhar card.

Through self–service update portal

You need to ensure your mobile number is registered with the Aadhar information when downloading the e-aadhar with self –service portal.

  • You need to log in to UIDAI’s official site and click on the link to download the aadhar card.
  • When you are redirected to download the aadhar card, you need to enter your aadhar number and enrollment id.
  • You need to choose the security id and enter the OTP.
  • Next, you need to enter the OTP you receive and download the aadhar card.

You can easily take a printout of the E-aadhar letter and use the same as you would like.

Through enrolment center

If you fail to have internet access, you must visit the nearest Aadhar enrollment center to download the e-aadhar card. You need to ensure that you have all the relevant documents with you.

  • Firstly you need to visit the nearest enrollment center.
  • You need to provide all the relevant details, including the Aadhar number or enrollment ID.
  • The operator or the concerned expert will enter all your details in the given software. The operator will verify your details through biometrics if you fail to have an Aadhar number or enrollment id.
  • Once you verify your details, you would get a printed copy of your e- aadhar card. To do the same, you might have to pay some nominal fees to the operator.
  • You need to ensure that you keep several photocopies of the Aadhar card and keep it safe to use the same whenever you need it.
  • Aadhar is likely to be one of your best bets to give you access to your Aadhar details, even if you don’t have your typical aadhar card. It is accepted widely across the country for almost all purposes. It would be best if you took caution to keep your Aadhar information safe, and you shouldn’t share it with an unknown person.

Why do you need to download your e- aadhar cards?

It isn’t surprising to find errors in your Aadhar card. It might be due to anything, including clerical errors or on the part of the operator or any other reason. Under this scenario, you need to update your information quickly.

Once you apply for the changes for the aadar card, it might take some time to update the same, and then your aadhar card would be dispatched.

Additionally, you can also download the e-aadhar card online through the UIDAI site with your updated details. By doing so, you don’t even need to wait till your Aadhar card gets dispatched or arrives through the post.

Additionally, when you have your e-aadhar card ready, you can also eliminate the chances of losing or forgetting the number. Being a digital version, it is readily accepted in all areas across the nation, and there aren’t any exceptions here.

Tips to check the status of Aadhar card’s update

If you have changed any of your information to the addhar card, including age, or name, you need to check your update status.

  • You need to first check Aadhar’s official site.
  • Then you need to click on the option to check the status or update online depending on the option you have chosen.
  • You would then be redirected to the page to check the status of the changes you have made.
  • You need to enter the Aadhar number or URN and SRN with the acknowledgment receipt. Then, you need to enter the captcha option to get the status.
  • You would now be able to see if your service request is approved or not. If it is accepted, you can download the e-aadhar card in no time. You need to apply again if the request has been rejected and understand the reasons.

Hope the information mentioned above was useful, and through this, you will get more clarity about what is Aadhar card is, the advantages of owning an Aadhar card, the process of applying, etc. The conclusion is very simple, that for an individual it is important to have their own identity, and this is where Aadhar card comes into the picture.

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