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Earn With Your Farm With PM Kisan

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PM Kisan Overview

If you have been looking for a way to earn a living with your farm, you’ve probably heard about the PM KISAN initiative. Its aim is to modernise agriculture by providing income support to small and marginal farmers. Here’s a brief overview of this Central sector scheme.

You can use it to start earning with your farm, too! Moreover, you can also learn more about the scheme by reading this article!

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (PM-KISAN)

The government of India announced the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sammman Nidhi Yojana on 1 February 2019 as a way to support farmers with a minimum amount of income.

The scheme was announced by Piyush Goyal during the Interim Union Budget of India. What is the intention of this initiative? It aims to provide minimum income support to farmers to make their livelihood sustainable.

While the scheme is aimed at benefiting farmers, certain individuals are excluded. These include those holding constitutional posts and those holding local governmental positions. In addition, current and former Ministers are also excluded.

Therefore, people seeking benefits should keep these factors in mind. For example, if you are an institutional land owner, you are not eligible. Similarly, if you are a professional with a strong financial background, you will not be eligible to receive any of these benefits.

In the next couple of years, the government plans to double the PM-KISAN payout for farmers. This means that farmers in the country could receive an additional Rs 12000 in a few months. However, this amount may increase to as high as Rs 4,000 per beneficiary.

However, the decision is unlikely to take effect until at least Diwali 2021. In the meantime, farmers in the country will continue to get their first instalment and the 10th will be issued soon after.

The scheme was implemented in 2014 and is backed by the government of India. It is a universal basic income type scheme and aims to supplement the income of landholding farmers. In addition to helping poor and marginal farmers, the scheme also aims to improve the health of crops.

This program has been extended to cover the entire family, including children and husbands. If you are a farmer and qualify for this program, please do not delay applying!

It provides income support to small and marginal farmers

The government is currently rolling out a new scheme to provide income support to small and marginal farmers, PM Kisan. Under the scheme, eligible farmers receive Rs 6,000 a year in income support.

The government aims to cover about 12.5 crore SMF households under the scheme, which will help alleviate the distress faced by the farm sector. While agriculture contributes to the country’s GDP, it shrank in the last financial year.

The agricultural sector has since recovered and has been a major contributor to the economy. The government is also introducing new policies to boost the industry.

The PM-KISAN scheme was launched in 2013 and provides an income support of Rs 6,000 to eligible farmer families annually in three equal installments. The Government of India funds the scheme, and States/UTs must identify eligible farmer families.

Applicants must be farmers with cultivable land and must be Indian citizens. The scheme covers both urban and rural areas. In addition, individual farmers with land holdings larger than two hectares are not eligible.

The PM-KISAN scheme provides income support for small and marginal farmers through direct transfers into the beneficiary’s bank account. The scheme was launched as a result of the government’s desire to lift the status of small and marginal farmers.

It aims to increase the income levels of farmers while improving their living conditions. However, it may take some time to see results, so beneficiaries should start saving now.

The PM-KISAN programme is a landmark initiative to help Indian farm families. The scheme provides an income support of Rs 6,000 to vulnerable landholding farmer families annually.

The funds are released into the bank accounts of beneficiary farmers in three equal instalments.

This program is expected to reach up to 12 crore small and marginal farmers. It is expected to benefit around 12 million small and marginal farmer households in India.

It aims to modernise agriculture

The Indian government is rolling out various schemes to modernise agriculture. For instance, the government plans to promote Kisan Drones for crop assessment.

Land records will be digitized to reduce the chances of mistakes. Farmers will also be encouraged to spray pesticides and nutrients. NABARD will facilitate funding for startups in the agriculture sector. These startups will support the value chain of farm produce and provide new technology to farmers.

One such scheme, called the PM-KISAN, aims to provide financial support to small farmers. The scheme aims to support 125 million small farmers by providing a minimum income support.

The scheme has already benefited 11 crore farmers. It offers them a financial benefit of Rs 6000 a year in three installments of Rs 2000.

The scheme has also been instrumental in increasing the sale of organic products, which has grown from a modest 2000-crore market to a global market worth more than a trillion dollars.

A major change in government policy has prompted many farmers to protest against the new laws. Some have suggested the move was made because of upcoming state elections. But others say that it was a political move that was made in the interest of small farmers.

The government’s decision has divided the country’s political community. While many farmers support the move, some economists are not so convinced. However, the new laws have given the government the opportunity to modernise agriculture.

Agro-processing infrastructures are another important tool in the government’s efforts to modernise agriculture. By creating modern infrastructure and efficient supply chain management, it will double the income of farmers and provide massive employment opportunities in rural areas. Meanwhile, these developments will reduce wastage of agricultural produce, which will boost exports.

Through the creation of Mega Food Parks, these companies will be able to set up modern food processing units in the country, which will increase value-added agricultural produce. Furthermore, these processors will also have a sustainable raw materials supply chain for each cluster.

It is a Central sector scheme

PM Kisan is a government initiative for promoting food processing industries. The PM Kisan SAMPADA Yojana aims to improve the infrastructure and supply chain management of food processing industries in India.

This scheme will increase the farmers’ income and create opportunities for them to export their processed foods. It will benefit around 20 lakh farmers and create 5 million jobs. The government expects to see a doubling of the farmers’ incomes through this scheme.

The central government is providing the funds to states for the scheme, which will be directly transferred to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. The EMS is an online web-based monitoring system, which will monitor the physical and financial progress of each component of PM Kisan.

The website has a section for each state, where states can select a password and choose a State. The password is the same for districts as well.

The PM Kisan is a government-funded scheme that transfers Rs 6,000 per year to eligible farmers. The scheme has been implemented in the state of Telangana as the Rythu Bandhu scheme, wherein direct payments are made to eligible farmers.

After the scheme was launched, the government decided to make it a nationwide project. So far, over 11 crores have been transferred into the bank accounts of farmers in Raigad district.

The government is providing 100% funding for the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi. This scheme helps landholding farmers to supplement their input costs, as well as domestic needs.

It also covers former and present ministers, State Legislative Assemblies, and members of the parliament. The PM-Kisan scheme came into effect on December 1, 2018.

It has a security loophole

A government website in India called PM Kisan has a security loophole that could allow hackers to steal farmers’ personal data.

The Aadhaar card is a 12-digit unique identity number assigned to each citizen of India. It is a key requirement for many government services, including voting, opening bank accounts, and other verification processes.

The security loophole is not limited to PM Kisan’s website, though. Over 11 Cr farmers have registered on the site. Since the website only allows users to add one beneficiary at a time, a hacker can access the data of up to 110 million farmers across India.

The website does not follow proper authorization protocol. It also has a vulnerable endpoint connected to a user database. Anyone with coding skills could exploit this loophole to scrape Aadhaar numbers.

This information was exposed to the public via a leak on the site. According to the researcher, the data could have potentially been misused by attackers. If this happened to other websites in India, it could affect over 110 million farmers.


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