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Different Types of Sheet Metal Cutter


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Sheet metal cutters are tools used for precision cuts in various materials. As the first step of an extensive process that usually involves other machines and extensive prepping work, sheet metal cutters play an essential part.

Tin snips with yellow handles are great tools for cutting straight and left curves in sheet metal, while aviation snips can create long uniform bends for use with joist panning, register boot end caps, or trunk line end caps.


Blanking is accomplished using a metal punch which shears off desired parts from larger sheets of material, creating edges with distinct characteristics including rollover, burnishing, fracture and burrs.

Manufacturers can tailor the quality of their output by adjusting punch and die clearance, shaving defective areas or selecting suitable material.

Blanking can save inventory and shipping costs by using less materials, providing greater control of dimensions and production times, and offering improved dimension management. Unfortunately, however, blanking has its drawbacks as well: high initial setup costs as well as ongoing die storage and maintenance expenses may become burdensome for manufacturers.


Shearing is an efficient metal cutting technique suitable for numerous kinds of materials. This process relies on using a punch and multiple straight blades to produce clean cuts; additionally, there is an attached gauging device which ensures the shear machine always focuses on working in its proper spot.

Shears can quickly cut any type of metal coil or sheet material to size, using blades with straight or curved cutting edges. Shearing can also benefit manufacturing companies with higher output requirements as it allows multiple pieces to be cut simultaneously.

Shearing stands out from other cutting methods by not producing chips, helping manufacturers avoid waste and reduce labor costs.


Piercing involves puncturing part of the body to insert jewelry and is considered a form of body modification that may also have significant historical and/or symbolic meaning.

According to auriculotherapy and acupuncture, body piercings may help alleviate migraines and certain other forms of discomfort, while simultaneously improving energy flow and providing relief.

Always work with an experienced piercer who can offer aftercare instructions. Sterile needles and equipment must be used during piercings. Hypoallergenic metal jewellery (typically surgical steel, gold (less than 18 carat), or titanium) should be worn during initial piercings for best results.


Notching machines are metal cutting processes which create a space in the edge of metal sheets or pieces to enable their folding or bending without bulges at seams and bulges at edges.

Corner notchers are specialist tools designed to remove corners from sheets of metal in order to enable workpieces to be bent into tray shapes or boxes with smooth joints. A square or slant notcher may also be employed so hems meet at right angles when bent.

Notching can be performed on most types of metal, including stainless steel and aluminium. Notching machines are available both manually and electronically for this process, with pedal notching being an efficient and clean method of notching.


Slotting is a type of milling used to cut slots in metal surfaces. This process produces an improved surface finish than end milling and produces deeper slots than face milling cutters can cut with only one point cutting tool – making it both economical and simple to use.

Slotting machines are reciprocating machine tools capable of producing path-like splines and grooves along their paths, as well as enlarging and finishing noncircular holes bordered by flat surfaces. Slotting machines are widely used for making keyways, slots and grooves; they may also be used to cut internal or external gear profiles.

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