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Buy FASTag Online: Instant FASTag Recharge

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For toll plazas, Fastag is an ideal new-age payment solution. It’s an RFID-based cashless payment system that uses contactless toll collection technology.

You can drive through toll plazas without stopping for physical cash transactions by affixing an active Fastag on your vehicle’s windshield. But don’t worry if you haven’t bought one yet.

This blog will teach you how to buy Fastag online and do instant FASTag recharge without breaking a sweat.

How to Buy FASTag Online?

To buy FASTag online, you must visit the FASTag provider’s portal and sign up by submitting your KYC documents. Once you buy and receive your FASTag, you can easily do instant FASTag recharge online. You can also top-up your account through the same portal.

For a hassle-free experience, you can buy your FASTag from any bank or partner websites. You can visit their website, your nearest branch, or call their customer care number for more details.

You will need to carry the original copy of your KYC documents along with your vehicle’s RC Book, Driving Licence, and the vehicle at the branch location. 

How to Use a FASTag?

When you successfully buy FASTag online or offline, it will get delivered directly to your registered address.

You will receive the inactivated FASTag with the minimum deposit amount of Rs. 200, which is a refundable/security amount.

To make an instant FASTag recharge online and activate it, you must log into the provider’s portal, where you have several options to activate and manage your FASTag. 

How to Do FASTag Recharge Online?

Follow these simple steps to enjoy instant FASTag recharge online using net banking

  • Visit the web portal or mobile app of the issuing bank
  • Navigate to the customer section and click on “Login”
  • Enter your username and password
  • Enter your vehicle number and the amount you wish to add
  • Select your desired payment method and pay online

You can also recharge your payment tag online using NEFT/RTGS. All you need to do is follow these steps-

  • Login to the web portal or mobile app of the issuing bank
  • Click on ‘Add a Beneficiary’
  • Enter your vehicle number or wallet ID
  • Enter your bank’s IFSC code to add your vehicle as a beneficiary
  • Recharge your FASTag with the desired amount

You can do recharge your payment tag through debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and other online payment modes. You can also do FASTag recharge online via Google Pay, PhonePe, or PayTm mobile.

Moreover, if you regularly commute through toll plazas, you can also opt for an auto-debit facility. This way, you can automatically add a fixed amount to your wallet every month.

But remember, when you recharge your payment tag online, you might have to pay a convenience fee. So make sure to check with your bank for more information.

The Takeaway

FASTags are super convenient. They allow you to make toll payments instantly without waiting in long queues or fishing around for change. And recharging them on the go is even easier with online facilities.

Today, many banks allow you to buy and recharge your toll payment tags on the go, making your drive through the toll plazas much more convenient. With the availability of various online platforms, the process has become much easier, quicker, and accessible to users, saving time and effort.

Remember, the government has mandated FASTags. So, if you haven’t bought one yet, apply today.

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