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About Digimac – Mobile Company in India

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About Digimac

Digimac is an emerging mobile brand in India focused on producing market and high performance oriented, high quality mobile phones to cater to the growing needs of the mobile communications sector.

Till now the company has successfully produced a list of feature phones and smartphones. The company has its headquarters located in Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra.

Coming to the feature phones produced by the brand, popular models are the Digimac Bunny, the Digimac DC, the Digimac DS, Digimac Perk, as well as the Digimac Pride.

Smartphones produced by the company include a list of models, such as the Digimac 3X, the Digimac Vivo, the Digimac 2X, the Digimac EXI, as well as the Digimac Fusion, which are all powered by Android operating system from Google and are all available in dual SIM variants.


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