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About Atom – Mobile Company in India

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About Atom

Founded in the month of May in 2013, Atom Mobiles Private Limited is an emerging name in the sector of telecommunications, and has Indian roots, with its headquarters located in the city of Mumbai in Maharashtra.

So far, the young company has managed to manufacture a list of smartphones to cater to the growing needs of the telecommunication sector in the country of India.

The brand has been focused on producing low to mid-range smartphones, all powered by the Android operating system from Google.

Currently, its devices are all powered by all the latest specs, including MediaTek processor, camera features and impressive storage and screen features as well.

Some of the most popular Android smartphones launched by the company in the market include much talked about models like the Atom Ultimus, the Atom Supremus, the Atom Maximus, as well as the Atom Size Zero.

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