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5 Things to know before you sign up for Sling TV

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What is Sling TV?

Sling TV or Sling Television is an American multichannel live TV service that is streamed over the internet. It was launched in February 2015. It is one of the cheapest TV on demand.

The service of Sling TV is available in the United States and Puerto Rico. Basically, Sling TV was not designed to substitute the traditional Television providers fully, it was just designed as a complement of online services that are subscription-based such as Amazon Video, YouTube, Netflix or just like other subscription-based online services.

But according to some people, it is a direct replacement of satellite and cable.

In Sling TV, only one stream could be used per account, it is its major limitation. Also, there is no proper functionality to pause or forward the programme which is streaming.

But it has a recording system of some selected channels for the subscribers of Sling TV.  It allows 100 hours of recording storage, or the subscribers could easily record multiple programmes of Sling TV at a time.

The good feature in this is, when you have watched the recorded programme and if the storage capacity is full, then the watched video automatically gets deleted by itself.

Its content can be streamed via several numbers of platforms such as Apple iOS, Android, Apple iOS TV, Android TV, Window Computers, Smart Televisions, Amazon Fire TV and some specified players.

Sling TV Packages

The reason why Sling TV is famous because of the cheapest TV packages. Sling TV Packages are monthly based subscriptions. For just $25 per month, anyone can choose Sling TV with their famous TV shows. Below are the Packages through which you could choose yours: –

Sling Blue cost 25$ 45+ Channels FS1, FS2, USA, FX
Sling Orange cost 25$


30+ channels ESPN, AMC, CNN
Sling Blue+ Orange cost 40$ 50+ channels History Channel, NFL Network, FS1, ESPN


Its packages are unique because it provides two type of channels packages and those are Sling Blue package and the other one is Sling Orange package. Now, below are the Sling TV Channels.

Sling TV Orange Channels List

ACC Network Cartoon Network Epix Drive-in Fuse Local Now Travel Channel
A&E Cheddar ESPN HGTV Motortrend Viceland
AMC Cheddar Big News ESPN 2 History Channel Newsy
BBC America Comedy Central Food Network Investigation Discovery TNT


Disney Channel Free Form Lifetime Tribeca Shortlist



Sling TV Blue Channels List



Cartoon Network Food Network FXX National Geographic NFL Network TruTV
AMC Cheddar FS1 HGTV Nat Geo Wild SYFY USA
AXS TV Cheddar Big News FS2 History Channel NBC on Demand TBS Viceland
BBC America Comedy Central Fox (select Markets) IFC NBC Sports TLC
BET CNN Fox (Sports) Investigation Discovery NBC Sports Network TNT
Bloomberg Television Discovery Channel Fuse Lifetime Newsy Travel Channel
Bravo Epix Drive-in FX Local Now Nick Jr. Tribeca Shortlist


Sling Orange+ Sling Blue Package Channel List

ACC Network Cartoon Network ESPN HGTV National Geographic TBS


Cheddar ESPN2 History Channel NBC on Demand TLC
AMC Cheddar Big News ESPN3 IFC NBC Sports TNT
AXS TV Comedy Central Food Network Investigation Discovery NBC Sports Network Travel Channel
BBC America CNN FS1 Lifetime Newsy Tribeca Shortlist
BET Discovery Channel FS2 Local Now NFL Network TruTV
Bloomberg Television Disney Channel FX MotorTrend Nick Jr. USA
Bravo Epix Drive-in FXX Nat Geo Wild SYFY Viceland


The best from these three is the Combo channel package which is Sling TV Orange+ Blue if you love Sports very much and want to see Sports Channel because it provides ESPN, FOX, NMC.

Also, if you or any of your family members love to see about Lifestyle. For those People whose desires match the above statement then I suggest, you should go for this Combo Pack by Sling TV.

Sling TV Reviews

If you want to know more about Sling TV, then you can ready these Sling TV Reviews which are given by some Users: –

By Shane Torus– *I am using Sling TV for the past 5 months with 150Mg connection. I am experiencing the best results. I am not facing any problem with it. I would like to give 4.5 stars to Sling TV*

By Jose Schantz: – *Don’t trust with their info, I am honestly giving very bad feedback to Sling TV. My experience was very bad. My account was hacked, reactivated, and then I canceled within 24 hours. But Sling TV refused to do anything and they don’t give my money back to me*

By Scott: – * Yes, Sling is a total rip off. I tried it, wouldn’t work with our internet connection. Called, cancelled, received an email telling me what to do if I wanted to continue, then was billed for it.

When I called they said I hadn’t cancelled. I forwarded their “what to do if you want it again” email to them and they said that is NOT considered a cancellation.

I had to have a CODE. Totally refused to refund my $. If I hadn’t been ill at the time I would have written to the corporate office but figure that too would be useless after seeing other views. Be Very Careful.

We hope this information is helpful to you Guys. Thank you

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