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5 effective and positive ways to discipline your child

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Inculcating discipline in your child can be tough at times, but it is not impossible. While frustration in parenting is something every parent faces at some point in life, positive techniques of discipline can actually bring good results rather than adhering to other impulsive methods of yelling, spanking, and beating your child.

5 effective and positive ways to discipline your child

  1. Giving alternatives is the best approach

Always remember, a negative approach brings negative results. So whenever your child does something wrong, instead of telling him what wrong he did, try to say what right he should be doing.

For instance, If he speaks rudely to a member of the family, instead of telling him he is so wrong to be rude, try telling him, ‘’Say sorry and apologize to the family member.’’

This way he will learn to apologize and be sorry about his wrongdoings.

  1. Let your child understand the consequences of his actions

Your child would often rebel whenever you deny him of something. For instance, he will throw tantrums if you say, ‘’No ice-cream because it will cause you cold and cough.’’

So for once, let him bear the brunt of consequences of his own actions. Once he learns you were right, he will follow your instructions by default.

  1. Appreciate your child’s good behavior

You must not point out only the wrong behavior in your child but also acknowledge when he does something good. Being appreciative of it would boost his morale and seeing you happy with his good work will push him to become better and earn compliments from you.

  1. Be consistent in your approach

Whatever you say to your child, be it about his good behavior or bad, make sure you follow your words. If you have given him a promise about doing something if he does something good, make sure you fulfill it and the same goes for when he does something wrong if you have said he will get a punishment for it, go ahead with your own word and do so. This way your child will take you more seriously.

  1. Don’t bribe your child

Bribing must be strict no when dealing with your child. There’s a difference between rewarding them and bribing them. If they do something good, it is okay to reward them, but giving them something to get work done in return will inculcate bad principles in their mind and it will stay forever. So make sure you don’t do that.

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