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Wonderlands in India’s Capital

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About Amusement Park

Ask a Dehiite or any resident from the cities of Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad or Noida that skirt the national capital, ‘How is life?’

Believe it or nor, a common response even from a Richie Rich would be that it is a crazy busy, overbooked and overstretched life.

This brings to one’s mind, the thought-provoking words of former US Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey.

He rightly depicted modern-day urban life by saying: We are in danger of making our cities places where business goes on but where life, in its real sense, is lost.

Well, no need to get perturbed on reading the above introductory remarks. Remember the essence of this simple formula.

That often we are too busy trying to get through a closed door while we miss the open window beside it. Such a ‘window’ is within your reach to echo the title of Thomas Hardy’s popular novel – Far From the Madding Crowd.

Yes, it is one of the amusement parks that number around a dozen and half, located in scenic surroundings within the NCR (national capital region).

Each of these enchanting parks has some exclusive attraction or an innovative theme for the visitors’ relaxation and recreation.

An amusement park Noida boasts of being among the largest entertainment destinations of its kind, offering the most exciting games and other events. Be it on a weekend or any other holiday, with one’s dear and near ones, a visit to an amusement park rejuvenates not only self but one and all.

The intriguing experience here could make one wonder as to why the outing at this wonderland had to end! Surely, the kids would cajole their parents and guardians to plan such visits a regular affair.

The popularity of these amusement parks in Noida has literally redefined its name. No more this metropolis is referred to as the hub of industries or the home to leading corporate groups.

In contrast, it is rechristened as the Entertainment City, the credit for which goes to the promoters of the amusement parks.

They have meticulously planned and executed their grandiose colorful projects with a professional touch that is at par with global standards.

A visit to these destinations of fun-and-frolic could be a 3-in-1 venture since they are in close proximity to up-market malls or shopping emporia and star-rated cozy restaurants for a hearty and tasty meal.

The setting up of three highly-rated amusement parks in a single suburb of the national capital reflects their popularity in today’s society.

The trio, offering amazing thrills, has up in the neighborhood of Rohini in northwestern Delhi. Apart from assorted modes of rides and theme-based water parks to revel, one of them even has a regular show of circus.

Here acrobats and artistes in colorful costumes, under soothing lights and to the tune of inspirational music mesmerize the audience with breath-taking acts. Consequent to the Big Top almost going into the oblivion, this mini circus is a bonanza for both the young and old alike.

The present-day hectic lifestyle and its aftereffects were mentioned at the outset. On these traits, American psychiatrist Dr. Edward Hallo had done a research study that he culminated with a piece of advice for the society.

“In this era, you must deliberately preserve and cultivate your most valuable connections to people, activities and whatever else is most important to you.

You will enjoy — while they last — the childhoods of your kids, the ripening of your marriage, and these best years of your life….” Need one say that the key to this lies in visiting amusement parks for a refreshed mind and body!!

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