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What to see in Mysore Palace?


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Mysore Palace is one of India’s top attractions and draws visitors from across the world. It features ornate durbar hall, peacock-themed kalyana mantapa and dolls pavillion that serve as highlights.

Its architecture exemplifies Indo-Saracenic style architecture that integrates Hindu, Muslim, Rajput and Gothic styles. Access to this palace can be gained via four gates; Jaya Maarthaanda on the east gate; North: Jayarama; South: Balarama and West: Varaha on its approach road.

Durbar Hall

Durbar Hall is an incredible spot if you’re seeking some history. Packed full of goodies for visitors, it may take quite some time to see everything. Be amazed by beautiful paintings on its walls that will leave a lasting impression.

The Durbar Hall can be found within Hampi, Karnataka’s Royal Enclosure. This hall was the royal audience hall. According to legend, Vijayanagara Kings would often meet their public here. The Durbar Hall features 100 socket holes where wooden pillars once stood – however wood ash has been discovered from these sockets, suggesting they were burnt down.

Outside of the hall are other rooms displaying weapons and equipment from days gone by; you’ll also find warrior dummies here! Additionally, this room contains a map of Unified Maharashtra state; here Governor and Chief Minister swearing-in ceremonies take place; three sides are lined by water; you can view the sea from here!

Its design combines elements from different architectural styles, making it one of the finest examples of Indo-European synthesis. Influenced by Moghul architecture but modified over time to adapt with changing times, this monumental space features high ceilings and a central dome topped by 12 marble jalis that allow light into its space.

There is a small passage leading into another room which holds all of the palkies used by royalty and features six stunning palkies with beautiful artwork made out of real silver.

The newly renovated Raj Bhavan will boast over double the capacity it previously did. It will include a sea facing deck, viewing balconies, Edwardian style sloping roof and neo-classical interior design by architect Abha Lambah who won competition to design it – work should be finished within several years.

Golden Throne

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Amba Vilas Hall

The Amba Vilas Hall is the crowning glory of Mysore Palace, celebrating rich heritage and culture through exquisite decorations made up of golden idols and gilded wooden ceilings. It stands as one of the most stunning rooms, decorated with golden idols and featuring a golden throne for use during Dasara festivities; additionally its octagonal structure features chattris, protruding balconies, and jharokhas to add further royal elements; furthermore its delicate stained glass ceiling made in Scotland has brought even further along – made by its creator from Scotland all its way!

Its gardens boast various species of flowers and trees that create an incredible sight, while it houses multiple temples offering visitors an immersive spiritual experience.

The Palace is an amalgamation of Hindu, Muslim, and Rajput architectural styles; its unique appearance was due to this combination. Construction began after its predecessor was burnt down in 1897.

Amba Vilas stands as a reminder of the lavishness displayed by Indian royalty. The hall features lavish furniture such as carved rosewood sofas and silver-framed mirrors. Furthermore, this palace houses an extensive collection of paintings with one notable example being that depicting King Krishnaraja Wodeyar performing Dasara Pooja.

Visiting during the 10-day Dasara festival will give you a fascinating peek inside this majestic palace, illuminated with some 100,000 bulbs that create an extraordinary spectacle that you won’t soon forget! Plus, its many rooms provide endless entertainment – an unforgettable sight indeed.

Though the main entrance to the palace is through the south gate, other gates open on special occasions and festivals to provide access. You can visit the residential museum as well as temples on its grounds – not forgetting its stunning towers which offer amazing panoramic views!

Private Hall

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