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Top 10 useful tips to improve your child’s performance in school

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Do you feel that your child’s performance is decreasing day by day in school? Are you feeling that something is missing in your child’s performance? Then, no need to worry here are the useful tips that help you to improve your ward’s performance in school such as:

Useful tips to improve your child’s performance 

  • First and foremost tip is to examine the source of poor performance. Why your child has performing badly- is something happens at your home or schools that discouraged your child, what the reason and also tries to identify other factors that may have contributed to the poor result. For example poor study tactics, poor concentration or memory and non-conductive environment.
  • Always try to motivate and encourage your child for ding good work.
  • Use open online educational resources, like these  challenging worksheets for kids, to provide your child with additional practice for developing and improving their academic skills.
  • Stop comparing your child with other child’s. Because every child is different and has his own strength and weakness. They have their own pick-upping power to learn and find new facts.
  • If you and your child’s teacher unknowingly labeled your child with negative tags which were perhaps meant to spur him on to work harder? Stop doing this, it will lead your child to lose their self-confidence and cause him to start believing on this negative tags.
  • Next, start believing and attaining your child by showing your full faith in him, give total support for his efforts to improve and believing and motivating him that he can do it.
  • Always equip your ward with correct learning methods.
  • Choose a learning enrichment program that can help your child to build their strong self-esteem and also offer maximum personal attention to them.
  • Encourage your child to form a study group with their keen friends, this will encouraged the competition and motivating power among students and also assist your child to improve their performance in the class.

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