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Why parents should not pressurize their kids over grades?

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Yes, grades do matter to shape up your child’s academic career, but according to new studies, pressurizing your kids over grades can cause them more harm than doing any good, as it not just affects them mentally but also hampers their social and emotional skills from building up properly.

According to the research conducted by the Arizona State University in U.S. when parents put pressure on their kids for excellence in their academic as well as co-curricular ventures instead of imbibing the normal concepts of compassion and understanding during the crucial formative years of their lives, they are pushing their kids to places of only stress and poor well-being, as their mental health would be affected by this, resulting in also creating a ruckus in their physical and social development.

The research also stated that if parents really want their kids to be better individuals as they grow up with a good personality, then they must inculcate the elements of kindness, compassion, and understanding of others in their minds during their formative years instead of burdening them with the stress of better grades and competing with their peers.

Every kid must be well connected socially with their peers and also sharing a good bond with parents and other family members.

This is a positive citadel to help them have a better perspective towards life, a good understanding of others, value their morals and also focus better on whatever things they do.

The study evidently showed that kids who shared a deeper connection with their parents, wherein their parents had focused more on inculcating habits of kindness and decency in them, performed far better in both their academic and non-academic curriculums compared to those kids, whose parents had only focused on them securing better grades at school.

Hence, it is a must for every parent to stop pressurizing their kids about higher grades and rather focus more on making them understand the fundamental values of kindness, compassion, decency, and honesty in life.


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