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Top 10 Best Preschool Franchises in India

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Like all parents approximately about the globe, Indians appreciate the significance of early learning for their broods.

In addition, the growing number of Indian women employed and the search for places to care for their children has encouraged the development of preschool facilities. They insist on preschool services has confidence many franchise holders to enlarge their industry in India.

Preschool franchises suggest a diversity of services, ideas, and methodologies. When deciding the most excellent preschool franchise for your asset, think about the concepts, price/advantage ratio, and range of support that the franchisee gives to the franchisee.

The following are some of the great things about India’s top 10 pre-school franchises that can start with low investment and bring significant benefits.

What is a preschool franchise?

A franchise is a form of contract in which a person with rights to a particular brand grants others the right to use it. The first is known as the “franchisor” and the second is known as the “franchisee”.

As a preschool franchisee, many preschoolers have a lot of leverage available to recruit staff, provide training, provide effective promotional materials, and even process ads. The franchisor will share with you not only your brand image but also your data, skill and technical knowledge.

Best Preschool Franchises in India

  • Kidzee Preschool Franchise

Kidzee measured one of the best nursery schools in India; Kidzee has branches many cities in India. Asia’s best gaming school chain has more than 1700 branches. To get a franchisee for this school, you need an initial investment of Rs. 12-15.

We recommend that the school carpet area be 2,500 square feet, preferably in a residential area of the city. To obtain the school’s franchisee, the administration has provided four different addresses, each representing a different area.

Location: Sector 16 a, Cinema City, Zee Learn Ltd, FC 9, 1st floor, Noida-201301, India

  • Eurokids Preschool Franchise

This is an exclusive school based on international standards. Founded in 2001, this kindergarten works well in many cities. We offer four groups of programs: Playgroup, Nursery, Euro Junior and Euro Senior.

The amount of investment depends on the city, but at least Rs. You need 12 rupees plus 2,000 sq ft of building area plus 20 lurks. If you are excited about this preschool franchise, please contact us at:

Location: Dani Corporate Park, 1st Floor, 158 Vidyanagari Marg, Kalina, Kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai-400 098

  • Hello Kids Preschool Franchise

The first and most important school game group that started in India. There is a mix of Montessori, Playway, and Gurucle teaching methods. Opening this school requires at least 1200 square feet of space. The school costs Rs. 450,000. Thus, this best preschool franchise in India can start with low assets.

Location: 3M-213, 3rd floor, Govind Narayani Tower,

East of NGEF, Service Road, Kasturinagar, Outer Ring Road,


  • Rangoli school franchise

Rangoli School is a company driven by renowned educators, successful management professionals, Pratham Educare Pvt, dedicated to bringing the desired change to a good education system.

Rangoli school franchise is ambitious by well-known educators, successful organization professionals, and personalities dedicated to making the coveted change to a general education system.

Location: Headquarters: C-101, Swagat Rainforest II, Op. Swaminarayan Dam, Kudasan, Gandhinagar, Gujarat-382421

  • Little Einstein Nursery School Franchise Network in India

Kindergarten, founded in 2007, pursues a logical form based on “different intelligence” to address training. Nursery schools have a variety of projects, including “Newborn Program”, “Infant Program”, “Preschooler Program”, and After School Care.

Location: DLF Garden City in Semencherry, Chennai, India

  • Bachpan Playschool franchise

Bachpan Play School is one of India’s famous preschool educational institutions. Like all other preschool platforms, they have a strong educational infrastructure for the next milestone. They have more than 1000 academic franchises throughout India.

They have introduced e-learning modules through various programs. Depending on the learning stage, you can find different levels such as Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, etc. So far, if you plan to start a play school franchise in your city or region, Bachpan Play School is the best option.

Location: 9988 / B-1, S.K. Tower, Sarai Rohilla, New Rohtak Road, Delhi-110005 (India)

  • Abacus kindergarten chain

A sister relationship to Abacus Central School, which operates more than 100 preschool centers throughout India. The initial cost of a franchise is as low as Rs. At 1.5 lakh, the working area is only 500 square feet.

Location: Schools in the eastern region, Cholo India (West Bengal, Sikkim, Orisha, Bihar, Asham,  Jharkhand, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh)

  • Gap-Preschool

We believe that each child is unique and has a holistic approach. Therefore, we encourage the same depending on each child’s ability. GAPS Preschool Franchise is the most excellent and simplest answer for industrialists.

They offer an extremely elastic commerce model. Depending on budget, space, capacity, environment and parental demand. GAPS models adapt to every situation. Join before anyone in the nearest city.

Location: NS-11, 201308, Block E, Beta I, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201308

  • Riviera Kids Area

Kindergarten Riviera Chain is a 15-year-old educational organization chain with knowledge in organization and running kindergartens in the Delhi NCR region. Riviera Kids Zone is a lively atmosphere game school. It does something like a house away from home for kids.

Here, the children are raised with great love and attention. Provides full academic support i. My instructions, manuals, regular teacher training, teaching materials, service programs, books, materials, curriculum / daily activities, etc.

Location: Puerta No 5, Cipr Ribera, Area NCR Indira Plum, Cipr Ribera, Ghan Handy, Indira Plum, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010, India

  • Hermitage Former School

The Hermitage Preschool is where little kids take their first steps on their journey to knowledge and understanding. We believe that childhood should be enjoyed and appreciated by young children.

In Hermitage, you lightly ignite your young mind, get interested in various concepts, and gradually develop your intelligence. There is an opportunity to grow and promote the growth of the country.

Location: Sikhera, Uttar Pradesh 250615


The concept of kindergarten has evolved and has grown to new heights in the last two decades. Today, people regard preschool franchises as excellent small businesses that can make a good profit if managed effectively.

These preschool franchises are low assets because such schools are mechanically designed by the franchisor. Preschool concepts were developed in India decades ago and are growing rapidly in current scenarios.

Parents are more anxious about their children’s future than ever and are willing to spend money on providing them with the best probable education from pre-school levels.

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