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Coronavirus – Things that you should stock up

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As we all know because of the coronavirus government ordered that shut down all educational institutions including coaching, colleges, schools, etc. Apart from this, office asking their employees to work from home and officials advised that people need to avoid public gathering and unnecessary travel.

Rather than shutting down colleges, schools, the official said- the market will be closed for some days to limit the physical contact of people. In this situation, you just need to do one thing that stock up some crucial things that you need on a daily bases.

However, stock up it doesn’t mean hoarding. Make sure you buy an essential thing, do not buy the unnecessary thing that increases your budget.

Products to Stock in Coronavirus

Fruits and veggies:

You can’t restore all veggies on your freeze like capsicum, banana, grapes, etc. But some vegetables and fruits you can store in freeze like tomato, onion, potato, apple, orange, berries, etc. You can also buy some carrots and peas for later use. You should also keep some lemon and ginger in your stuff because it helps to boost immunity and help indigestion.

Cooking stuff:

After vegetables, you need to buy some cooking stuff like rice, pulse, ghee, oil, and so on. We all know how quickly the cooking staple gets used up. You should buy all the necessary masala, sugar, flour, and many more. You need to stock this stuff because we don’t know what the situation we will face in the coming weeks.

Personal hygiene product:

When you buy vegetables, fruits then don’t forget about your personal hygiene. You should remember all the things that you use like shampoo, face wash, conditioner, powder, toothpaste, etc and make a list. Women need to must aware of their menstrual hygiene such as- pads, tampons, and whatever you use.

Soap and hand wash:

It is very important that you buy hand wash and soap to avoid or prevent the spread of COVID19. The WHO official said that people need to wash their hands at least 20 seconds every 2 hours. So, make sure you buy more than 1 bottle of soap, hand wash, to keep clean your hand.

Sanitizer and mask:

People who spend most of the time outside of the home so you need to keep sanitizer in your pocket and also use a mask. When you are unable to wash hand then use sanitizer.


Apart from clean your hand, to avoid the spread of coronavirus you need to keep clean your home as well. To keep clean your floor or home you need to buy some important home cleanser like floor cleanser, bathroom, and toilet cleaner, and so on.

Packed food:

We can’t predict, what we have to face in upcoming days so you should ready for all situations already. No matter, you buy enough vegetables, fruits, and other stuff but you should keep some packed food on your list for an emergency. It is good to keep some packed snacks and food like Maggie, beans, khakras, biscuits, soups packet, etc.

Pet food:

If you have a pet then don’t forget them while you do shopping for you. You need to buy 1 or 2 packets of pet food and favorite treats as well.

Dairy products:

Many people can’t do any work without taking tea, coffee, so make sure you buy some packets of milk and curd and keep it into freeze.

Other items:

Apart from daily uses stuff sometimes we need other items at our home like candles, glasses, batteries, disposable plates, and many things. You should also keep some amount of cash because you don’t know when the bank and ATM will close.

We don’t know when this situation is (spreading of coronavirus) getting better so it is the best idea to prepare yourself.

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