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Top 10 Bathing Soap Brands in India for Daily Use

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It is natural that you all take bath daily and everyone uses some of the other bathing soap regularly.

But are you using the best soap for your bathing?

If you are confused about which soap to be used, then we will help you through this article.

Well, the market is overloaded with a wide range of soap brands in India. These soaps are very affordable and selecting any soap brand can be hazardous and affect the skin.

Do you have any idea which soap brand is the best for your skin?

Do you have any idea the soap you use is made of the highest quality material? Do you have a similar kind of confusion?

Top 10 best soap brands in India.


Lifebuoy Soap

Lifebuoy Soap
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Manufactured by the giant Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Lifebuoy soap is one of the most prominent soaps used by the majority of Indians.

It is one of the most trusted and preferable soap brands in the nation.

Lifebuoy can be found in every niche and corner of the nation.

The 65-gram bar of Lifebuoy costs Rs.10 only.

It is famous as a disinfectant and deodorant soap used to fight diseases and bacteria.


Patanjali Soap

Patanjali Soap
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Prominent as the Swadeshi soap of India, Patanjali soap is one of the natural and organic soaps brand in India.

Patanjali soaps are made with natural extracts and herbs.

The soaps are bestowed with several health benefits.

These soaps are very economical and made by Patanjali.

The 75 gram of soap bar costs around Rs.13.


Lux Soap

Lux Soap
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Want beautiful and aromatic soap? There is no other better than Lux.

As a product by the FMCG giant, the soap gained much prominence among the users since 1980s.

These many years Lux has been endorsed by Bollywood actress.

Pricing of Lux soap is fluctuating and starts from Rs. 26 to Rs. 130 and so on.


Cinthol Soap

Cinthol Soap
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Designed and developed with a cool slogan “Alive is Awesome”, Cinthol is one of the most preferred soaps in our country.

It comes in basic six variants such as Original, Sandalwood, Deodorant, Confidence and lastly Herbal.

Each soap in Cinthol rejuvenates the body and mind.

It has unique and distinctive fragrance that lasts for 24 hours.

It is an authentic germicidal deodorant bathing soap.

It is the first soap in India that kills odour causing bacteria.


Dettol Reckitt Soap

Dettol Soap
Image Source:

If you have concerns for hygiene and safety is a priority, one can opt for the Dettol soap.

The soap has dose of eponymous disinfectant and it claims to kill 100% of germs and dirt from the skin.

Dettol is basically available in three variants such as Original, Skin Care and Cool.

Dettol has soaps, sanitizers, hand wash and lots more.


Pears Soap

pears soap
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Do you have problems of dry skin?

One can go for Pears Glycerine Soap and this soap is considered as the best soap in India for dry skin.

This soap has all the herbal extracts and elements of fragrance. These soaps are now replaced by the synthetic perfumes.

These soaps are available in three variants like Pure & Gentle, Clear & Glow and Soft & Fresh.

It is brownish in colour and has unique transparent look and the price tarts from Rs. 37.


Hamam Soap

Hamam Soap
Image Source:

Prominent as indigenous product, Hamam bathing soap is one of the best soaps used for the families.

It is economical and it is a mild soap with unique fragrance.

It gained prominence in the Indian FMCG market too.


Dove Soap

Dove Soap
Image Source:

If you are concerned with your beauty, then you may choose the Dove soap that is available in the Indian markets.

It is available in three variants such as Dove Crème, Dove Go Fresh and Dove Revive.

Dove is one of the most popular beauty and moisturising soap.

It is best for the women and it is made to moisturize the skin of women.


Medimix Soap

Medimix Cholayil Soap
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Looking out for a natural therapy for skin? Then Medimix is the best soap one can opt for.

It is all-around protection from dirt and germs and it also helps in blemishing the skin.

It has emerged as one of the topmost Ayurvedic soap brands of India and it has all natural ingredients that nourishes the skin.

It is available in a wide range of soap such as Classic or the original version, Medimix Glycerine and Medimix Sandal.


Santoor Soap

Santoor Soap
Image Source:

Uses of Sandalwood are unique and variant. It is used for making beauty products, facial and also soap. Santoor is one of the most famous soaps in India that is made up of turmeric and it beautifies the skin.

These were some of the best soaps in India not only affordable and unique but also has a variety of shapes, colours and fragrance.


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