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Tips on Choosing the Best Mobilnett Norge


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Today, life without phones is almost unimaginable, considering these gadgets serve various purposes. Originally intended only for communication, cell phones have become multifunctional devices for work, fun, and much more. Thus, your phone has a camera, work suitcase, notebook, laptop, television, and even a personal assistant.

Besides a phone that meets your user needs, it’s necessary to have a reliable mobile network and a reputable provider so you can use all mobile services without interruption. You can visit to know more. If you’re traveling to Norway for a long time or moving there, you may check which local providers are offered.

There are several carriers currently operating in Norway, so the choice is varied. To consider any of them, you should first know your needs, that is, what you use your phone for the most. Then, there is your budget and habits, based on which you will decide whether you need a prepaid or postpaid plan. Once you know your preferences, you can look for a provider that meets your requirements.

Check Coverage

Coverage refers to the physical area where the signal of a certain mobile operator is available. With the help of modern technologies, mobile networks today easily overcome physical obstacles, so there are fewer and fewer places without a signal. However, there might be some other obstacles and interference which cause poor coverage in some locations.

When choosing a mobile network in Norway, consider where you’ll spend the most time. Are you in a city or planning a road trip and country sightseeing? In any case, it’s important to find coverage maps on the provider’s website to check whether the desired areas have a good signal.

If you know someone in Norway, you can ask them for mobile operator recommendations and find out how satisfied they are with coverage and general service. You can also find helpful information on forums and unbiased review websites, where previous and current mobile network users write about their experiences.

Test Speed

Mobile network speed mainly refers to mobile Internet, that is, data speed and the technology used by providers. In Norway, the standard is currently a 4G network, with a tendency towards better coverage and accessibility to 5G shortly. The fourth generation of mobile technologies provides high-speed Internet connection. A plan with several gigabytes of mobile data should be enough for your daily online activities, work, or entertainment.

Mobile providers in Norway can generally boast good results in network speed tests. You can get these details on their websites. Also, you can test network performance with handy online tools. The higher the speed, the more data you can download or upload in a given time. In case of slow mobile data, you can take steps to speed it up, as explained here.

Ask About Plans and Prices

Based on your phone usage habits, you can determine which service is most important to you. Do you mostly use your phone for calls, or is it for entertainment and scrolling through social networks? Do you need a significant amount of mobile data and freebies for calls and texting, or both?

The chosen plan and mobile network should match your lifestyle, spending habits, and budget. Knowing these needs, providers offer different packages with different features, such as unlimited data, impulses, text, hotspots, roaming freebies, free streaming service subscriptions, etc.

Always compare similar plans from several providers and see which one suits you best. Make sure to read the contract before signing to ensure there are no hidden costs and surcharges. Also, check whether providers have attractive seasonal offers or promo deals for new users.

Don’t forget to inquire about roaming costs. If you’re currently in Norway but plan to travel, there’s a good chance you’ll be out of the service area of the current provider. In case that happens, you could be unpleasantly surprised by the quite high costs for using another provider’s network.

Customer Service

Last but not least, the deciding factor in choosing a mobile network in Norway is the quality of customer service. Each provider has a hotline or online help desk you can contact whenever you have questions or concerns. Friendly and knowledgeable agents should be available during working hours (or, as some providers claim, 24/7), whether you are a new or an old user.

You can judge the quality of customer service already after the first call. Pay attention to the waiting time, how long it takes them to resolve your query, and whether the agent will follow up on your request. You can usually contact them via phone, email, and live chat or go to the nearest physical branch for a face-to-face meeting.

What to Know Before Choosing a Mobile Service Provider in Norway

Mobile Service Provider in Norway

In Norway, it’s quite easy to get a local mobile provider SIM card, since you can buy them at convenience stores, resellers, or specially designated points of sale. If you’re not a citizen, you need a valid passport at the time of purchase for a SIM card registration.

When purchasing a SIM card, you have to fill up the registration form. It’s usually free, while some carriers might charge a small fee. In case you go with postpaid plans, you need a valid residence permit for postpaid plans and an account opened in a Norwegian bank. If registration fails, your SIM card is deactivated.

Norway mobile providers have a range of plans for all types of users, whether prepaid or contract based. The first model might be a good option if you need to control your spending. The latter is a solution for those who want certainty and the ability to use mobile services at any time.

There is no single answer to the question of which is the best network in Norway. The choice will depend on your preferences and what matters most, be it price, coverage, or speed. Some providers offer high-quality services at high rates, while others can be more affordable yet have poorer coverage. So don’t rush this choice but rather shop around to ensure you get the best deal.


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