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Tawang Town – Popular Tourist Destination


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About Tawang Town

Located within the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh in India, Tawang is the smallest district among the 16 administrative districts of the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

It is also known as the 8th least populated district in the country with a total population of only 49,950 people. Historically, Tawang area used to be a part of Tibet and as on today, both the Republic of China and the People’s Republic of China claim this town of Tawang. Literally the term Tawang means “the chosen horse.”

In Tibetan culture, it is known by the name of Galden Namgey Lhatse, which literally means celestial paradise in a clear light as a true name.

The Monpa people are the ones who primarily occupy the place and it has a literacy rate of around 60.6%. The Tawang district is further divided into three sub-groups.

These are: Tawang, Jang, and Lumla. The first is again divided into administrative circles: Tawang and Kitpi; the second is divided into Bongkhar, Lumla, Dudunghar, and Zemithang; the last one is divided into Jang, Mukto, Lhou, and Thingbu. Tawang TownImage Source:

The place is famous for its soothingly cold climate, breeding of sheep and yaks, and also the plantation of a variety of lower altitude crops. Coming to the tourism in Tawang region, it is popular as a tourist spot for numerous reasons, some of which are: the Tawang Monastery, the Jang Waterfall, as well as the Sela Pass, which is steep in nature and is densely covered with snow.

The district also boasts of a wide variety of handicrafts that also acts as a boost to promote the small-scale local industries as well as the local handicrafts.

For visiting the district of Tawang, one needs an inner line permit issued by the government and this can be attained from the cities of Tezour, New Delhi, Kolkata, as well as Guwahati. Visiting Tawang means a long journey through steep hills, and one can head for a road journey to Tawang from city of Tezpur located in the state of Assam. Tourists can avail direct flights to the city of Tezpur from Kolkata, West Bengal.

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