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Sony Crackle: Best Netflix Alternative

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About Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a free website to watch free movies, free TV shows online on your computer, mobile or tablet. It is an ad-supported online platform. It’s been around since 2007. If you have not heard Sony Crackle, then let me tell you one thing, it has changed its name three times.

At first, its name was Grouper, then Crackle and now its name is Sony Crackle. In this website, an individual can watch free stuff which is available in it.

Its Interface is easy to use. However, it has changed itself a lot from earlier and improved itself and currently offers good quality and high definition of well-known movies and TV shows.

During watching some videos, the user could go through some commercial types of break in between the streaming videos. Its nice thing is that its video quality is really very high which leads people to stay connected with it.

Sony Crackle has almost 150 free full-length movies and almost 75 shows which anyone can choose to watch at a suitable time or free time. This website keeps adding new movies and removing the retired movie from it, because of this, an individual has always something new to watch.

Crackle Movies are arranged in such a way that anyone can easily find by searching for a movie’s category such as Thriller Movie, Comedy Movie, Horror, Drama, Kids and many more. The idea of categorizing the movies leads to make searching easier.

It’s one of the major benefits is that it allows you to stream any TV shows at free of cost. The series is available on this website like Thriller series, Comedy series Romantic series and many more.

You can watch Crackle free movies from wherever you want, in whatever medium like Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Computers.

Crackle won’t cost you a single thing. It doesn’t have any premium package or anything like that because it’s totally free of cost available in higher definition quality.

When you update Sony Crackle monthly or Weekly, the original series stick around but if something is about to be removed from Crackle, you will be notified and you can see the countdown on a similar page.

It is far away better from Netflix. One should choose Crackle TV over Netflix because Crackle has a couple of original shows and some movies which are totally original.

Crackle offers some standout movies and hosted movies like Blankman, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Shaun of the Dead and Drive and some video sequels like Stomp the Yard and Urban Legends.

You can enjoy with Action or Comedy or both mashups at this platform. Some movies you can enjoy here are Kung Fu Hustle, Zombieland, Starship Troopers. It also has a great selection of Japanese Anime movies and series both. You also can go with Hollywood Movies or series over here.

As discussed above that Sony Crackle is ad-supported, so let’s also discuss the advertisement procedure which it follows.

Actually, from our point of view, there is nothing wrong with this business model. Its advertisement procedure is as similar as the adds which comes on TV.

But only the difference is that those commercial ads are short as compare to these advertisements. When you start watching any movie or any series of your choice, keep in mind that at least an advertisement of 30 seconds will play before the movie starts.

And if you are watching a full-length movie or a movie longer than 1 hour 30 minutes, then up to 9 shorter advertisements you have to face. While if you are watching any show then, 2-3 shorter advertisements will appear.

We don’t feel it inconvenient after all Crackle is totally free of cost as 0compare to other paid subscriptions where no advertisements display.

You are watching the shows or movies of your choice and you need not pay a single penny, just need to watch some advertisements for a very short time period.

Crackle Movies or Crackle shows cannot be downloaded in your Mobile or any storage locations, also you cannot add the movies or shows in offline mode to watch later.

Some may feel this thing its drawbacks or limitations. This is because the whole website’s free service relies on advertisements. So it can’t provide this for use. But it should have a premium ad-freeSony Crackleversion where anyone can easily take paid subscriptions and watch whenever they want. But it is not done till now.

But in the end, Sony Crackle is a convenient online streaming service that cannot be replaced by any other online services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and many more.

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