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Pushkar – Hindu pilgrim place

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About Pushkar

Situated in the Ajmer district of the north Indian state of Rajasthan, Pushkar is a popular Hindu pilgrim place that also happens to be one among the famous sacred dhams in Hindu culture.

Being one of the ancient places in the country, there is no official confirmation on its origination time, but many legends link it with Lord Brahma, during the age of the gods.

Situated on the shore of the Pushkar Lake, there’s an interesting story attached to this pilgrim place. It is said when Lord Shiva’s wife Goddess Sati had died, after she had self-immolated following the humiliation she had to face among the gods and goddesses at her own paternal place, Lord Shiva had cried so much and for such a long period of time that his tears had led to the creation of two holy ponds.

The first one is the one at Pushkar, while the other one is situated at Ketaksha—which in Sanksrit quite literally means “raining eyes.”

Although the city of Pushkar is filled with a plethora of temples, most of these temples aren’t ancient in architecture despite the city being extremely old.

This is fundamentally for the reason that the majority of the temples and their authentic and original architecture were destroyed during the Muslim conquests are the place, and it was only later that these temples were rebuilt and a lot of changes came to fore in terms of its overall look and architecture.

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The most famous among these temples is the Brahma Temple, originally built in an era as early as the 14th century CE. The other prominent holy shrines here include the Sri Sawai Bhoj Temple, the Gautama Maharshi Temple, the Jagat Pitta Shri Brahma Temple, the Paap Mochani Gayatri, the Varaha Temple, the Savitri Temple, the Atpateshwar Mahadev, the Man Mahal, the Varah Temple, the Mahadev Mandir, as well as the Temple of Rangji, among many more.

The holy Pushkar Ghat has 52 ghats where pilgrims from all over the country take a keen interest in taking a holy deep in the sacred water here.

The most popular festival and gathering in Pushkar takes place in the month of November and is known as the Pushkar Camel Fair. The other prominent gatherings here are the Nagaur Fair, the Tejaji Fair, and the Blue Lotus Festival, which takes place every year in the winter month of February.

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