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Privacy Fence: The Advantages and Disadvantages

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Family, pets and properties are all important in one’s life. Fences are mainly installed to protect the aforementioned things.

Aside from that, people install a fence to enhance the overall facade of their property and increase its value. Hence, if fences serve various purposes, property owners must be keen when choosing what type of fence they will install.

All About Fencing

A fence is an architectural structure used to completely or partially cover a space, usually outdoors. It is typically made of posts joined by panels, cables,  or rails.

A crucial component of your home security. For your residence, there are various security precautions to take. One of them involves using upscale materials to fence the house.

With this goal in mind, it is difficult for people to intrude on your property. Your personal belongings are protected while you’re not around, which also gives you peace of mind.

It also keeps your pets and kids from going outside your property, especially when they are unsupervised. You can also keep them away from certain areas of your house, like the pool area, by installing fences.

Moreover, people now have the ability to understand their proper land measurement, thanks to the fences that are in place. It enables the setting of boundaries. Additionally, this enables you to utilize your land however you see fit.

Lastly, maintaining your home’s privacy and preventing unauthorized entry into your property is a major benefits of fences.

Privacy Fence: A Common Fencing Style

For this reason, they are referred to as privacy fences. A privacy fence can give you more privacy when compared to other types of fences.

Moments shared with loved ones or on your own are the best. But sometimes it can be uncomfortable, especially when people outside can see the insides of your house from outside.

To prevent people from peeking through and to keep moments private, a privacy fence is a great choice. The privacy fence Summerville, SC, homeowners love is installed by skilled professionals.

In order to obscure the activities behind them, privacy fences are designed to have 30% or less of their exterior area open for free passage of sunlight and air.

An enclosure, boundary, or dividing line can be made with the help of a privacy fence, which is a structure made of rails, stakes, hardwood, or a combination of these materials.

Vinyl Vs. Wooden Privacy Fence

Vinyl Privacy Fence

A popular material for a privacy fence is vinyl. Vinyl is a synthetic material made by combining the natural substances ethylene and chlorine. PVC, widely recognized as vinyl or polyvinyl chloride, is the result of the combination of these elements.


There are different colored pieces of vinyl you can choose from to match your fence to the overall facade of your property. If the same color is not available, you can paint your vinyl fence.

Easy to Maintain

When cleaning your vinyl fence, you can use soap and a brush. You do not really need heavy equipment.

It is durable

It is rot-proof, moisture-proof, and pest-proof, unlike wooden fences. However, vinyl cannot withstand heavy winds since it is not a natural material.

Wooden Privacy Fence

Essentially, a wooden fence is made up of wood planks. To ensure complete backyard privacy, wood privacy fences are constructed from pickets that are closely spaced.


A wooden privacy fence is an inexpensive option among all types of privacy fences. However, the overall cost will depend on the type of wood to be used, as well as the location, size of the property, and workforce to be hired.


Wood is expected to rot over time. Hence, regular maintenance is needed. You should treat your wood to ensure longevity.

Durability and Style

A wooden privacy fence can give your property a very nice facade. In addition, it is also durable as compared to vinyl.

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