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National Security Day – March – 04

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About National Security Day

National Security Day every year is celebrated on 4th March. The primary purpose behind the celebration is to praise and compliment the workers who work at the security forces, because of whom the Indian citizen can sleep peacefully without any tension and thinking about the overall security of the country.


This is the day that is dedicated primarily to all the structures which are present in India who is working day and night out for security and peace of the country’s people.

This is a day when a lot of encouragement is given to those individuals who work very hard for the nation. All the security forces on this day are reminded of the contribution they have given to the country by having sleepless nights.

 Interesting Facts about National Security Day:

  1. The National security day is also commonly known as the Rashtriya Suraksha Diwas. This is the day which is primarily dedicated to all the security forces such as the guards, army officers, policemen, para-military forces, army offices, etc. who are majorly involved in the security and end up sacrificing their lives many times to protect the people of the country.
  2. India’s military force is the world’s third-largest as it has a total strength of over 1.3 million personnel’s which are active.
  3. The defense budget of India generally ranges from 2.74 lakh crore to 2.8 crores.
  4. NSC (National Security Council) is known to be an apex agency that looks after the country’s economic, energetic, political, strategical and security. The NSC was established by the then prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on 19th November 1998.
  5. The various Intelligence agencies of the country such as Intelligence Bureau, Research and Analysis wrong are supposed to report to the National security adviser.

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