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Omerta: Cast, Review and Release Date

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About Omerta

Omerta is an Italian word which stands for the code of silence in the mafia. Director Hansal Mehta’s next thriller is very aptly named as the Omerta, a film based on the biography of terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikhs starring Rajkumar Rao as the protagonist.

Roa has given a stupendous performance, by trying to make the audience understand the depth and backstory behind Saeed’s disturbing-sociopath actions and portraying the paradox of the baffling real-man world. The movie starts off with a great kick, portraying the early life of the London based terrorist but not a thorough insight on the reasons why he became what he is today following the chronicle bloody trails of the London-based terrorist of Pakistani origin and the reasons why more and more youth is taking towards jihad.

The movie leaves the viewers with a number of disturbing and repetitive questions but not a lot of answers.

“Allah huh Akbar!” is the war cry constantly used in the movie and also shown in the trailer. Omerta follows a number of notorious events which Saeed was said to be a helping hand in, including the 1944 kidnapping and 2002 murder of Wall Street reporter Daniel Pearl played by Timothy Hickernell for which he is serving time in the Pakistani prison, 9/11 terror strike on the World Trade Centre, the 26/11 Mumbai attack and his association with Osama Bin Laden.

Mehta intends to leave the audience with an expression of awe, hate, surprise, disgust, realization, but most importantly anger. Anger in the world about the fact that evil minds like Saeed do exist in real life.

Although struggling with the CBFC in order to get a certificate without any cuts, the movie had raving reviews in the Toronto Film Festival and closed the Jio Mumbai Film Festival with a bang. Omerta is a must-watch, with its thrilling plot and compelling direction. The movie hits the theatres on May 4th.


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