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Shashankasana: The hare pose

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About Shashankasana

The name ‘The hare pose’ came from the visual impression of this asana. At the final stage, this pose looks exactly like a hare or rabbit.

And that is the significance of this name The hare pose. The Sanskrit term ‘Shashank’ implies moon.

And the word ‘Shashank’ is of two different words. One is cash which means hare and the word ‘ank’ meaning lap.

The Shashankasana pose is meant to improve the nerves by calming them and to provide a feeling of tranquility.


Steps to Shashankasana:

  • First seat in Vajrasana (the diamond pose). Now place your both the palms gently on your knees.
  • Now maintain your spinal cord, neck and head straight.
  • As you a beginner you can practice this asana keeping your eyes open but gradually you need to practice this yoga pose by keeping them shut.
  • Now focus fully on your breathing and body.
  • Maintaining equal distance between your arms raise your hands above your shoulders, take a deep breath and do not allow your elbow to bend.
  • Now release you’re breathe and bend down to touch the floor with your head and both of your hands.
  • Now relax a little keeping your forehead and arms on the floor and the chest and abdomen on your thighs.
  • Now try to maintain this position for a while but make sure that your arms hands and neck is straight.
  • Now exhale gently and come back to your previous position by placing your palms on your knees.
  • Now practice this whole procedure from 5 to 6 times to get a good hold.


Benefits of Shashankasana:

  • This very asana gives immense stretch to your arms, pelvis, back and rib cage and also in some of the body parts in the back such as gluteals, back, arms, neck, and shoulders.
  • This yoga posture helps to extend the spinal cord, neck, and arms and also gives good flexibility to your knees and hips.
  • Shashankasana improves the circulation of blood in your body, to your brain, scalp, and face. This asana is also very effective in enhancing the activities of adrenal glands.
  • While performing this asana your spleen, stomach, and liver are activated and are improved than before.
  • This hare pose is also beneficial to your reproductive organs.
  • Shashankasana is meant to give a good message to all your internal organs.



  • People suffering from vertigo and high blood pressure, are strictly prohibited from doing this pose.

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