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Mother Teresa Biography

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About Mother Teresa

Remembered for her humble, kind and serving nature towards the less fortunate and poor, Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 1979 for her countless contributions to the needy, and her acts of charity.

Early Life

Born in Skopje on 26th August, 1910, Teresa had the innate calling of helping those in need and serving the less fortunate from a very early age in life.

This led her to become a nun and by the age of 18, she was granted consent to be a part a group of nuns in Ireland. After acquiring the required training at Loreto, Teresa commenced her journey to fulfill her dreams to go forth to serve as she traveled to India.

Mother Teresa arrived at Calcutta and worked as a teacher, until the poverty in the city made a grave impact in her mind and to resolve this issue, she took a step by starting a venture called The Missionaries of Charity.

The association’s fundamental focus was to ensure that those people who had no one to look after them, who were abandoned by their children or families, were looked after by the group.

Teresa believed that true happiness lied only in serving the needy, the poor and the sick ones and she often quoted verses from the Bible, conveying how Jesus Christ’s preaching too conveyed about helping the less fortunate ones.

During the infamous events in the history of Bengal, like the 1943 Bengal Famine and the Hindu-Muslim riots in 1946, Teresa and her group of nuns faced the toughest battles to continue with their charity, as this period tested their dedication and will power when they had to survive on a meager income and negligible foods.

It was only later that her efforts were recognized and her contributions saw the light when some politicians and renowned entities began funding her group and provided assistance to help the charity serve the poor.

Mother Teresa also opened a home for the dying, which were meant for people to die with dignity despite their biological family members abandoning them voluntarily/involuntarily.

Soon her venture expanded and manifested into hospitals, orphanages and many other charities, spread over more than 130 countries.

Her contributions and efforts to help the poor and alleviate poverty were globally recognized and led her to win many awards.

Living like a saint throughout her life, Mother Teresa passed away on September 5th, 1997 in Calcutta.

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