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Kataragama – A Popular Hindu Pilgrim Place

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About Kataragama

Located in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka, Kataragama is a popular pilgrim town known for its multi-dimensional religious significance since it serves as a traditional and religious spot for three cultures—Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Veddas of Sri Lanka.

In fact, such is the popularity of the place that a large sum of people from South India makes it a point to visit Kataragama annually to pay their tributes and offer their prayers to the deities installed there.

A remote village in the medieval times, currently Kataragama is on its way into becoming a full-fledged town, although it is still surrounded by dense forests as of now. Since the place is a multi-religious sacred town, it also houses a mosque for the Muslims inside the complex of the temple. The temple of Syncretism, dedicated to Lord Kataragama is visited by millions of devotees from all over the world and it is believed that the god has the power to help and guide those who hold immense faith in him and want a way out from their distressed life.

The god is associated with Hindu culture, wherein the south Indians consider him to be a Hindu deity and refer to him by the name of Lord Katirkaman, while in Buddhist culture, the deity is considered to be a guardian and called by the name Kataragama Deviyo.


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