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How To Deal With Stretch Marks After Delivery?

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Among the many changes that a woman goes through post partum, stretch marks are one the most common one. Often regarded as ‘’battle scars,’’ these stretch marks are mostly prominent in areas like breasts, hips, thighs, tummy, as well as arms.

The reason for these marks are hormonal changes happening in the body post delivery and also the sudden fat loss from these areas right after a woman delivers a baby.

Technically, it is not possible to get rid of these marks completely, however, with time they get less visible and lighten. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have your own measures to deal with these marks better, and you can do it right away from the beginning of pregnancy and also post it. The most effective measures for the same are—

  1. Oil treatment: Natural oils have healing essences, making them eligible for reducing stretch marks. Popular and healthy oils like castor oil, vitamin E, olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil, among other natural oils are quite effective to treat stretch marks, and hence, must be used for around 30 minutes for daily massage.
  2. Honey: Filled with antiseptic properties, honey is quite beneficial for skin and also for treating stretch marks, wherein one can also use it as a natural scrub to lighten the stretch marks.
  3. Aloe vera: Both natural aloe vera and aloe vera gel are loaded with healing properties, that earnestly help in lightening pigmentation on skin and also help in curbing stretch marks.
  4. Sugar and lemon juice: Both of these have natural exfoliating properties, that help get rid of the dead skin cells, letting the natural essence of skin get retained, and also reduce stretch marks.
  5. One can also adhere to specific exercises that target the muscles of the affected areas, since the exercises help in toning the areas, tightening the loosened zones, and thus empowering the tissues there, lightening the stretch marks. Even swimming is an effective exercise, which improves entire blood circulation in the body leading to proper tissue regeneration and helps in getting rid of stretch marks.
  6. Other than the above mentioned natural treatments, medical treatments like chemical peels, laser therapy, and skin regeneration activators are also available in the market, however, doctors and studies always suggest to go ahead with natural treatments more than the medical ones.

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