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Everything about tnschools gov in for the Purpose of Study

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tnschools Overview

Education is the most crucial component of our life, the educational administration of Tamil Nadu schools launched EMIS tnschools gov in, which gives the finest chance to study via e-sources and give an exam through it. These days, government schools have a much better education system. The Tamil Nadu School Educational Management has released Emis, an online educational software. 

During this epidemic, Tamil Nadu is looking for innovative and distinctive activities to enhance people’s energy. As education is the most crucial aspect that must continue, we must never stop learning.

To that end, Tamil Nadu schools’ educational administration created Emis, which provides the finest chance to learn and give exams through it by simply logging onto the website with your Emis school login id and password.

Firstly, I would like to tell you about what is EMIS.

EMIS refers for educational management information system, and it is the backbone of the school education department, Government of Tamil Nadu, which was established to improve the educational system and allow data-driven decisions for the benefit of all department stakeholders. You must first register for the emis portal at tntp. tnschools. gov. in by following a few easy procedures.

Once registered, you may quickly login to it. Let’s go through the login information for the TN Emis portal and the TNTP TNS school’s website, Students may also learn more about it by going to


TN EMIS stands for Tamil Nadu Schools Educational Management Information System. TN EMIS provides the Tamil Nadu Instructors Platform (TNTP) to institutions, teachers, and students.

The Tamil Nadu government maintains a variety of online log-in websites for various schools. All of this is managed by the Tamil Nadu Schools Educational Management Information System (TN EMIS).

This site was intended to assist users in improving their e-learning abilities by delivering entertaining e-learning content. This website provides e-learning teaching, learning, sample materials, videos, interactives, exercises, online courses, training modules, and a variety of other resources.

Register for TN EMIS portal

EMIS registration is required for all schools in Tamil Nadu at Only a few high-ranking officials have the power to act in this manner. The TN EMIS Online Login is now accessible, and the Head Masters are in charge of monitoring and increasing student and staff attendance (HM).

The revenue district’s schools are all inspected by the Chief Education Officer (CEO). The Block Education Officer (OEO) is in charge of examining all of the Block district’s schools.

The District Education Officer (DEO) is in charge of inspecting all schools within the Education District. Teachers from all sorts of schools may acquire an EMIS Online Entry access id and password from the school’s Head Master (HM).

Login to TN EMIS portal

Following your successful registration, EMIS will assign you an eight-digit username and password. If you are an instructor or team member, you may access the dashboard using your staff login ID and password. After completing the registration procedure, you may access the portal by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Navigate to the TNTP or TN EMIS official websites.
  • A login page has now shown on the screen.
  • You must first log in using your username and password to access the portal.
  • After logging into TNTP, you will notice the dashboard as well as five important verticals such as academic tools, E-Textbook, Questions Bank, Course Contribute, and so on.
  • You may read the information contained inside any of them by opening it.
  • You may now view your TN EMIS dashboard at any time after successfully logging in.

Access TNTP Login App Offline

This program does not need an internet connection to function because the app allows you to download and take the course without having to connect to the internet.

There are two methods to access to the TNTP APP Login page, which we’ll go over here.

  • Simply open the course to begin downloading it.
  • Then, from the drop-down option, choose Download Course.
  • Select the course you wish to download by opening it.
  • Pull the screen down to uncover the download course option to refresh it.
  • Then, on the menu, choose the download option, followed by the Courses option.

How to search dashboard to search topics

After completing the registration and login processes, enter your dashboard and use the search option to identify subjects that are relevant to your requirements.

You may alternatively follow the steps outlined below;

  • To begin, click to the official TN EMIS website.
  • For logging in, enter your username and password.
  • Choose the search option from the dashboard.
  • You may now enter the topic you’re searching for and press the search button.
  • You were then taken to the chapters you were searching for.


Advantages of TN EMIS Portal

Emis has created a method for education and knowledge enhancement. It is divided into four major sections, which are as follows:

  1. E-learning is a collection of thousands of digital resources that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. It offers information ranging from pre-primary through primary school, as well as a large collection of every topic. It is possible to learn anything about any topic. Simply choose the E-Learn option, enter your class under the class area, then select either English or Tamil Nadu as the mode of language. That’s all; you can now view the titles you wished to study.
  2. Headmasters and teachers may also download the TN Emis App to have access to all of the TNEMIS app’s capabilities. Tamil Nadu teacher’s portal- this area offers teaching and learning resources for teachers, and instructors may access and interact with e-content as this portal includes standard aligned e-learning teaching, learning practices, videos, and online courses, among other things.
  3. It also includes digital textbooks, question banks, and a forum where teachers may debate and share their ideas and learning with one another. It also encourages instructors to pursue professional development by offering courses that are relevant to them. 
  4. Public Participation Portal- This is the area where alumni of government schools and members of the general public may make comments and engage in the development of government schools. School education department- here is the section that contains the official website of the Tamil Nadu government’s school education department.

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